How To Dismantle Emo's Headphone: (For Spraying New Color Purpose )

How To Dismantle Emo’s Headphone: (For Spraying New Color Purpose )

Tools/Materials Needed:

Flat Metal or Plastic Spudger
Magnetic Philipps Bits J00
Magnetic Screwdriver Bits Holder
Plastic Spray Of Your Choice


EMO Headphone Parts: Total: 18 Pcs.

HeadBand With Ear Outer Housing (1 Pc.)
HeadBand Top Clamp (2 Pcs. Left/Right) (Careful To Remove It Might Break!)
Outer Housing Ring Cover (2 Pcs. Left/Right)
Light Luminous Shade Plate (2 Pcs. Left/Right)
Electronic Lights Ear Connectors (2 Pcs. Left/Right) (Careful And Look For + / - Signs!)
Inner Housing Ring Pads (2 Pcs. Left/Right) (Careful And Apply Thin Paint Coating / Or Don’t Paint)
Phillips Screw (6 Pcs. 3 Left/3 Right) (Careful And Not Too Tight!)
Livingai Company Tiny Sticker

Make sure to let the paint dry for about 7 days so that it adheres to the plastic fully, otherwise it will peel off or stick to EMO.
Dismantle Tutorial Guide: Credit To @Beezu999 Brian Swingle aka (Cozmo King)

Careful And Take Easy To All Parts!
Do It At Your Own Risk! This Might Void The Warranty!



Looks like he’s wearing a pair of beats now


Looks great but what about the feet -they look out of place- but absolutely awesome headphones :headphones: