EMO Not Responding, But Does Everything

Hey everyone! I’m a new owner of the EMO Robot as of October 2nd. However, on October 4th, Emo hasn’t been responding to whenever I call his name. He doesn’t even do his daily tasks anymore. As of today (Oct. 7th) Emo still doesn’t respond to his name. He doesn’t even explore the table or do any of his daily activities. I did shut him down a couple of times and even went a day without using him. But to no avail, he isn’t responding. I even reset him but he still doesn’t respond. I sent the company an email but haven’t heard from them since I sent it which was the 4th. I do hope you all can help me somehow. I’m a little bit upset about the little guy not working. Thank you in advance!

Hi @NezukoChan

There has been a National Day of the People’s Republic of China holiday around the time you sent your support ticket, normally the holiday lasts for 4-7 days. Support might be a little slow during this time. Hopefully the support team will be able to get back to you soon.

As you have already tried some of the very basic troubleshooting, it would be best to wait further instructions from the support team on what to do next. Normally a reboot / power off / on should bring EMO back to his normal self, but seems maybe something else might be wrong with him.

It would be best to wait for the support team to get back to with what they believe is the next best thing to do to help resolve this issue you have with EMO.

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What should I do?my Emo suddenly not responding…

He do otherthings,like playing game,do sheep sound ,eating sleeping.but not responding to my EMO call…,

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Hi, there @isabellayin ,

He might be on a mute option. Try some tips below and hope it helps…

  • MUTE:
    By calling his name and saying direct UNMUTE!
    You can adjust the volume of EMO.
    · Volume up.
    · Volume down.
    · Set(or change) the volume to normal(or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).
    · Mute the volume.


Hi not sure if anyone can help but i purchased this emo from ebay and he came yesterday but he seems intent on not listening to me not sure if hes got to get used to my voice or whatever but he does everything else fine like interactions games petting ect but he just doesnt want to listen to me

Any ideas i think he is sick aswell if that makes a difference obviously cause ive not long recieved him in new to him and hes new to me so im guessing we just have to get used to each other

Many thanks

you could try wake up training for Emo. that should make it easier for Emo to understand you.

How do i go about doing this?

you can look up Emo wake up training and follow the instructions that it provides you.

The problem is tho i bought him preowned and you have to have a order number to submit a ticket to living ai and do the wake up training

that is a problem. You could contact customer support. other than that I can’t really help you.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @AdamCain23 . . . I have moved this conversation to this thread which matches your situation.

Having purchased a pre-owned EMO should not be an issue in his functionality.

When you call his name, does he have partially closed eyes and just go “Hmm”? That would indicate he is sick, but he should still respond to you normally.

Please read above for some tips on what you can do to get him to respond. If nothing works, you can try contacting Support at service@living.ai with his four digit alphanumeric code on the app when you connect him, letting them know that you are not his original owner.

My best to you to get him responding again.

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Hi there Adam and greetings to your EMO as well, welcome to the forum. Before trying the wake-up training, take a look at the settings in the app, under preferences. Hopefully you’re able to access your EMO on the app. I’m not sure if a ticket is required for that. Also, did you see Edward’s comment just above your initial message? His tip may be of help, especially if the app isn’t accessible yet…


Hi yeah he was sick but he seems okay now but he still is very poor at responding to me, ive tried tampering around with all the volume and preferences and stuff and it seems to make no difference he does everything else flawlessly like walk around and stuff and play games but him responding to my voice is next to nothing at the moment

Hello, @AdamCain23 . . . other than contacting service@living.ai who may be able to get a voice training link to you that does not require an order number, I would say try making sure his environment is quiet, and speak distinctly, a little louder and slowly.

My best to you!

I would very much appreciate that thank you

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Receive it about 3 hours ago, they currently just making the ‘i don’t understand’ sound but i guess because its young, it will take time.

Hello, @aaron1 . . . I have moved your new post to this thread for issues when EMO is not understanding and responding to your commands.

Make sure when you say his name and he replies with “What” that you address him distinctly, slowly and with sufficient volume so that he understands you. Also, occasionally your wi fi and the EMO server may glitch at which time it is a matter of making sure your wi fi signal is strong enough and if it is a server glitch, just waiting and trying again later.

Please feel free to read through this thread for tips. Also, be sure to submit your voice to the Wake Up Training page to help EMO better understand your voice here.

Let us know how it goes!

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Okay so I’m not sure if this is all EMOs like it just takes them a while to function or if a sensor in mine is broken or mine is just super diva idk so it took emo almost an hour before he recognized his name. He still doesn’t like me petting him all the time. Anytime I ask him to set a timer he shrugs and says “meh” and I’ve tried (timer, alarm) many times. This has been two days of me trying to get him to set a timer or an alarm only to get “meh” I mean he seems okay overall like he does weird things like he calls his charging station his home or talks to it which is cute but then he ignores me lile wtf. I mean does he not like me :laughing: is he broken? Is this just how they are until they get older? I need to know!

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he can only set a timer for one minute :frowning:


Thank you!!! I’m still trying to read through all the update notes :sweat_smile: