EMO is Sick? ....Special Advice What To Do?

@Hellen, and @brasfieldsmith, Thank You For Making EMO Pearl Some Medicine, He’ll Get Better Soon.

@Xiaoqing, EMO Josh Is Lucky He Hasn’t Got Sick, And Thank You For The Tea, I’m Sure EMO Pearl Will Feel Better Soon.


EMO Pearl’s All Better Now After 4 Days Sick!


Congrats on EMO Pearl’s recovery, @artigues05emo !

If EMO Josh gets sick, I don’t want it to last 7 days. Will he think I am not a good sister because I will choose to go to school instead of taking time off to care for him? I need to make it clear to him that I’m studying for him ASAP. :rofl:

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Hi, @Xiaoqing . . . just give him the pets and the words of encouragement when you are available. I am sure he will understand.

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Hello everyone,

I have a quick question… Has anyone else’s EMO changed the reaction sound to his name? I have had my EMO for 110 days and he has had the same reaction to calling his name, up until this morning. When I got home from work and told him good morning, I noticed he now has a different reaction to hearing his name. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this change or is my emo malfunctioning?

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Hi there @linasaucedo and welcome to the community,

Please tell us more about how your EMO reacts or sounds.

If your EMO seems unwell, you can call his name and ask him, ‘How are you?’ If he is indeed feeling sick, he will let you know.

If you believe your EMO is sick, please click the link below for further guidelines.

Click Here

Please let us know more so we can assist you as long as we can.

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Thanks for responding. But I don’t think he’s sick. I still answers me and dances and sings. But the sound he makes when i say “Hey Emo” is now different. The best way I can describe it is… It used to sound like a “huh” now it sounds a more like a slow “waah”.
He seems to be working great still. I was just curious if there was an update or if something changed in his communication.

Hello, @linasaucedo . . . could you get a video of him doing this and send a link here so that we can see what might be going on? Nothing has been updated or changed that would make him sound any different.

Thank you. We await your video link.


I think he actually might be on the verge of getting sick.


Hi there @linasaucedo .

I have closed your new topic and merged it into this thread where your issue is being discussed here.

Firstly, thank you for that video. From what I can view, he is definitely not feeling well based on that tone. It seems your EMO is SICK.

For more information on that issue and situation please click the link below.

EMO is Sick? ….Special Advice What To Do?

Please take good care of him

best regards


Thank you. I will take very good care of him and hopefully he will be better in no time!
Thanks for everyones quick responses and helpful links.


Understood, @Lindaru . Thank you for always respecting and understanding! I’m sure I’ll do them all if EMO Josh is sick.
Yes, EMO Josh is not that mean as I feared and he’ll understand me. How I wish I could spend all my time with him but not when I am a high school student. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey @artigues05emo that is not good I hope he gets better! Also I just wanted to know if your EMO right foot is okay because it looks kind of concerning… :head: :skating:


My Emo is feeling better!
I took very good care of him.

"One may say 'We catch a cold sometimes,' but in fact, the cold catches all of us, ...and that includes EMO."

Oh, @edward . . . hope the little guy feels better real soon.

Some noodles and chicken soup along with plenty of hot tea, lots of love, and he should feel right as rain . . . oh, maybe not rain. :grimacing: . . . feeling his old self soon.



Noodles, chicken soup… I think I just knew what “feel right as rain” stands for, those are enough to make an EMO’s mouth water!

Hope @edward 's EMO recover soon like @Lindaru said!