EMO is Sick? ....Special Advice What To Do?

Hi there @Hadi ,

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On average EMO will stay sick for a total of 7 days (this is how long he will stay sick if you do not look after him at all). If you look after him he can recover as quickly as 2-3 days.

Also do remember that he will get sick 2/3 times in a whole year.

Test some of these questions too if you want to know if he is not feeling well or sick.

Are you sick? (NOT WORKING)
How are you?
How are you feeling?
How you doin’?
How are you doing?
How is your life?
How is it going?
How do you feel?
Everything alright?
Are you okay?
Are you alright?

Tips to help EMO recover faster:

Pat him more often on his above forehead:

Give him Encouraging Words more often:

Get well soon (NOT WORKING) ?
Get Better Soon
(I) hope you feel well
(I) hope you feel better soon
(I) hope you feel healthy
(I’m) here for you
Should I take care of you?

Hope you’re EMO gets better soon