EMO has landed, what I think

He seems very cool, but a little expensive for what he is.
Voice recognition could be better as he does not seem to understand most things but I know this from reading on this forum.
His voice could be better as well. Very had to understand what he says sometimes.
The schedule should be updated with more random things so it’s unpredictable.
AI needs updating to make him seem more intelligent.
I can’t wait for the updates as I’m sure he will improve.
Bought this thing to keep the grand children entertained

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Hi @Zunbar

Great to hear that EMO arrived safe and sound. Yes, there are a few things that EMO needs to improve on, and hopefully, Living.ai will be able to add those features in upcoming updates.

If you need or have any questions on how EMO works, feel free to reach out to the community for help/assistance. I’ve created a simple EMO guide that might be useful as well, you can check it out here: Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

If you would like to suggest improvement/ideas or share other feedback, you can also share them on the following two threads as well. (see below).

What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future?
What does Living.Ai need to do to make EMO GREAT!

Hope you and your grandchildren enjoy EMO!

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