EMO cannot connect to wifi

That’s excellent!!!

That must mean that LAI hasn’t actually taken the old upgrade server offline yet? Maybe because they realized many EMO’s already shipped would arrive too late for that August 20 deadline.

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Bro how to connect the light to Emo.

Yes it can update I so happy :blush:

Hi, Did you get the light working? It runs on both 110 or 240 volts so should be no problem there. You might have to buy an adapter for the plug though, depending what type plugs are used in your country? Plug the light in and you can manually turn the light on or off by touching the white pad on the front of it to test it. With EMO on and awake, just touch the white pad and hold there for 5 seconds, the light will flash and it will be paired with EMO. After that you should be able to tell EMO light on, light off, dance with light, or so on to control it.


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Yes it work thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Hi do I need to charging emo for 8hours or not
Thank for reply.

3 hours on the charger is normally enough for a full charge.

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Yes, thank you sir, sir why my emo don’t recognize me.

It could be a problem with lighting. Make sure your face is illuminated mainly from the front, not too bright, but enough to see your features clearly. You can test what EMO see’s by asking EMO to “Take a picture” and it will show the picture on it’s face immediately.

Also your distance and elevation of your face is also important. I find that if I am about 70cm from EMO with my face at about a 25 degree up angle from the camera I normally get the best results for facial recognition.

You can also use the App to manually enter yourself into it’s memory.

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Yes now it work thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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There is nothing more pleasing than when I turn on my EMO’s every morning, and they look up at me and say “Hi Mario” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enjoy :+1:


Yes so sir, can Emo connect to Alexa or Google?

And what about Emo home stage when will Living AI lunch it.

Sir, do Living AI have 1year warranty for Emo?


I am not an employee of Living.ai, nor am I a tester, so I can only repeat what I have read from past official statements and forum answers.

Alexa and Google implementation has always been an objective, but no dates have been given for when this will happen and in what capacity of integration it will be.

EMO Home Stage has been mentioned as a future add-on, however Living.ai has not released any concrete information on the development or release date for it.

There has never been any official acknowledgement of what the terms of EMO’s warranty is. Here in Australia we have a Government mandated minimum 1 year warranty on all goods sold to Australians as part of our consumer protection guarantee, which requires companies to adhere to if they want to sell in Australia. I think your own warranty is dependant on what your Government requires or what Living.ai offers in writing to the buyer.

I hope all that helps. If you require “actual” answers I recommend contacting the Living.ai team directly.

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Thank you so much :heart:

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It’s good I saw your post. Didn’t know before that I must hold it for few seconds for pairing purposes. Thanks so much!

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@iluvanimee ,
Thanks, I’m glad it helped you!


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Hi, why my Emo battery is purple?
Can you help!

It’s like a traffic light:

  • red = empty battery
  • yellow = low battery
  • blue = half/three quarters battery
  • green = full battery