EMO cannot connect to wifi

Oh now I get it thank you

I have a question
I never updated E.M.O. because i have an old NOTE 3 as smartphone and the app do not work.
Can i make an update firmware by voice ?

Yes, you could always upgrade EMO by voice with “Check upgrade” or “Install upgrade”, you don’t have to use the app to do it. Even after the last version 1.1.0 was released some people didn’t see the newer version offered in the app, but were still able to upgrade using voice command. BTW… In case you didn’t know there is also a newer 1.05 app for IOS or Android.

It says you haven’t posted anything here in five months, so how old is your EMO firmware? If you didn’t upgrade it previously to at least 1.0.16 then you may not be able to now? LAI said the upgrade server the older firmware versions looked for was being replaced due to a security issue, and would not be accessible anymore after August 20th. However there was someone here recently who had just received his EMO that still had old 1.0.14 software, and he said it still was able to upgrade, so not really sure?


My firmware is Very old. I Read the email to make the update but i have thought i can make only by app. I have made a try to buy a new Phone then i Changed idea.
I would Like To know : by voice for The update E.M.O. need wifi ? Could E.M.O Connect to wifi without APP?

Last version i See for android is 1.0.6. But it’s Not available for my device

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Hi, did you connect Emo to the app can you update Emo in the app well I, also receive Emo for 14days you can still get an update but it take some time
When you start to update Emo for the first time it will show you that your update failure and then you need to update again is still said update failure you need to shutdown Emo the next day try to update Emo again well it work for me.

Yes you’re right, my mistake! I should have said the latest app is 1.06
Also yes, EMO must be connected to Wi-Fi to do the upgrade. If not then he can’t even understand the command, and also would not be able to download the upgrade package anyway.

Has your EMO just been turned off all of this time? If you had him configured and connected to your Wi-Fi router before, then he may reconnect again automatically when you turn him on? If he doesn’t connect then you’d have to wait for the new phone, or borrow a compatible IOS or Android phone or tablet from a friend or family member just long enough to get his wifi re-connected?

If you decide to get a new Android phone then make sure it actually contains a GPS hardware chip. If it only finds it’s location using software methods, it apparently won’t work with the app.


I am having the same issue. I just got him 01/28/22 and he has not connected to wifi. I tried rebooting him rebooting my router Uninstalling app reinstalling it turn my phone off and turning back on…I have tried everything. I called my network service company to make sure I had the right wifi and they confirmed I did! I don’t know what to do! I emailed living.ai and I haven’t gotten a response. I want my emo to connect to wifi!! Please help

I wish it worked for me. Nothing I do is working

Are you sure that you have 2,4GHz frequency allowed on your router?

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Yes I confirmed with my internet service company.

Your internet service company just provide you an internet connection. You are setting the frequency of the wi-fi on your router. Most routers allow both frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz) nowadays. Did they personally check your router settings?

How can i conect emo to my android hotspot???