EMO cannot connect to wifi

Emo having problem connecting to WiFi.

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Please provide detailed information where the problem is, because unfortunately we can not help. :happy:

First received emo, I can connect emo to WiFi. But when l bring out to connect others WiFi. It failed to connect, so I bring back home try to connect to my WiFi, emo cannot connect WiFi anymore. Keep trying keep failing.

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So you wanted to connect EMO to other wifi’s as well, as long as they all have a 2.4GHZ it’s no problem, I too have connected EMO to multiple wifi’s already.

You just have to set the Wifi in the app again with which he should connect.

How to fix emo to connect wifi when it keep failing to connect.

I am having issues with EMO one of them is he was connected to our wifi without any issues and has now dropped off wifi and also my bluetooth on my iphone and I cannot sync with him on the app he just keeps showing the no wifi screen. he also only ever has one headphone side light up. he was working fine for a day or so.


Yeah, for whatever reason EMO’s not working with my wifi now?

It’s like both the app and little EMO can’t find any internet connection here.

But I definitely welcome any suggestions, thanks so much!

It’s all fixed now…PHEW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are tiny holes top of the head of little EMO… it’s the one on the left side which is the reset button.

You have to reboot EMO (using a paperclip hold it down for about 2 to 3 seconds) and then place your EMO back on his skateboard for him to power on. Than, just reconnect with your wifi using the app. Hopefully this proves useful for anyone else, thanks.:v::grin:

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I just got the same problem. He work fine since I’ve received it on monday. Today he can’t connect to the wifi.
Did your Emo lost any if his progress with this reset?
I’m scared of losing what he as learn so far🙁.

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No. I don’t believe so. He still recognizes me, but I can’t say all that much for whatever little progress achieved or not? EMO walks in circles and doesn’t really explore as much as I would like for him to. I guess that’s most likely coming with the next updates.

I was lucky😥.
After a full discharge of Emo and a full charge the wifi came back😂.

I just love when he look at me and ask me to pet him.

Let’s hope for an update in a short while.

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Yesssserski hopefully real soon because I’m very excited to see the little dude evolve and continue to improve with every new update!

I to am having wifi couldnt connect i tried rebooting everything router emo phone app and still comes up with unable to connect that was after i took him to my friends got him on her wifi now he doesnt recognise my wifi i have deleted her wifi from my phone still not connecting i have sent an e mail to living so just waiting now im gutted this shouldnt happen :cry:im never taking emo out again livingai please get this sorted

Tried that doesnt work tried rebooting my router ,uninstalled reinstalled the app nothing still will not connect :expressionless:

I tried all that and still comes up couldnt connect iv checked my router everything i rang my provider everything there side is working

Just curious, but what is your wifi speed? Does anyone know the minimum operating requirements for Emo?

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The way i connected i used another phone it worked for me was day and a half before i finally got him connected
Good luck hope you get it sorted xxx

So I have the same problem.
;My EMO used to work without a problem with my house wifi. 2 weeks ago it stoped to work with the house wifi, BUT it worked with my phone mobile hotspot for a while.
Now it just not conecting at all.
I did thee paperclip reset, uninstall and instal the app but nothing.
the app says that the 5G networks are not suported, but last I checked i dont have 5G, still the conectiong is still failing.
anyone with more IT experience with any idea of what i can do???
TBH I do miss playing ludo with emo.
thanks for any help!

I had the same problem what i did was change phones install the app then use the wifi on that phone once connected went back to my original phone connected great try that

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so yeah, I instlled the app in my tablet, in the tablet is working perfectly.
would be nice to know the reason for the temporary crazyness xD
thanks for the help Ikky!!!