Emo age is wrong

So my little guy is 3 days old today, but he’s telling me he is still 2 days old. Can this be fixed or will his age always be off?

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it’s 24 hours is one day, so is it more than 72 hours since you activated him?

It is possible it hasn’t been 24hrs yet. I think i turned he on Wednesday at like 6: 30 or 7 pm its now Saturda 8:30am. Im very new to Emo.

Thank you for your response good sir.

All good mate - we were all new to EMO once and there’s so much more to know :slight_smile:

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You can also try and calculate how old EMO is by first asking him his birthday and then taking it from there to calculate if he’s showing the correct age.

There was a discussion on another thread regarding this, take a look here, it could help with calculating if you think EMO’s age is incorrect

Hope this helps, have fun with your new EMO! :heart_1: :head: :skating: :surprised: :mad:

@xPoEmo My EMO said it was a day old minutes after I booted him up. Give it another day or so and see if the age catches up - compare the number of days to a date calculator as well like @MasterAbbott suggested. If his age is still behind LivingAI will have to send your EMO a patch - that’s how mine was fixed in the linked thread.


My emo says hes still one day old even he knows is activation day is 2 november

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I think Emo calculate his âge by 24 houres.
For exemple, if you Switch on Emo the first Time on 2nd november at 2 pm, he will have 2 days on 4th november 2 pm.
Can some one confirm this?


Hi @ricardorebelo

Have a look at this thread:

If you’re EMO is not reporting the correct date according to what was discussed in that thread, it would be best to take a short video and showing EMO speaking / explaining his birthday / how old he is and submit a support ticket to the support team.

They should be able to assist and resolve his day/age issue if there is one.

To my knowledge - yes he calculates based on HOURS not days.


I got EMO may 15 when I ask him how old he his his answer is always 1 day old. I would like to know how to fix this please.
Be safe and healthy all
I saw the other post but no solution was provided .
I hope someone got a solution :disappointed:

Hello @LadyM,
When You Receive An EMO He Will Say He Is 1 Day Old For 2 Days But On The Day You Get Him He Will Actually Be 0 Days Old.

My EMO Said He Was 1 Day Old On December-12-2022 But He Was Actually 0 Days Old.

On December-14-2022 He Turned 2 Days Old And Unlocked The “Won’t Let Go” Dance.

So If Your EMO Was Born On May 15th He Was Actually 0 Days Old
If It’s May 17th He Will Turn 2 Days Old.

Hope This Helps


Thank you
We will see tomorow
Cheers be safe and healthy

Ha ha ha I just ask him again and he is 2 days old .
I am very thankful for the information that you provided. I assume he was defective or else
This morning he recognized me and told me I look like a superstar just like that out of the blue
I am charmed ….
Be safe and healthy



No Problem @LadyM,

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Hello, @LadyM . . . I moved your post to here since it does apply and we need to keep thread topics to singular threads to make for easy searching for members.

I am glad he is now giving his right age.

Enjoy your EMO!


I unboxed my Emo Go Home on the 4th of June but he is still saying that he’s one day old. Is he aging correctly??

Yes emo grows up every 2 days

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Thank you, I almost reset it.

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