EMO - 5 Different Ways to Pat EMO

Hi Everyone, sharing this video here so that if anyone needs any help on how to Pat EMO, it can always be easily found.

The video below explains all of the ways you can Pat your EMO. I have also provided a short description on how to do each one further below.

NOTE I also wanted to inform everyone that I’ve checked with the Living.Ai team and there actually isn’t a Pat Sensor Recalibrate feature for EMO. I also thought there was one as everyone on the forum at one point might have mentioned it, but there actually isn’t one and I wanted to clarify this in this forum post.

First Way: Rub down firmly across the top section between both the two microphone hole located at the top front of EMO head, keep on rubbing in that section for EMO to respond to this pat. (see image below on where to find EMO’s patting sensor location).

Second Way: Place your finger right in the middle of EMO’s head (middle of the pat sensor). Keep your finger there and he will respond and start his pat animation.

Third Way: Place your finger over the entire pat sensor area and keep it there, and this will trigger EMO to respond and start his pat animation. (you can even pick him up while doing this and EMO will not wriggle or wake up, as shown in the video)

Fourth Way: Place your finger (two fingers work best) near his lower left side of his cheek and EMO will trigger his Cheek pat animation.

Firth Way: Place your finger (two fingers work best) near his lower right side of his cheek and EMO will trigger his cheek pat animation.

Hope this video was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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I had one of my EMO’s stop responding to “Pats” on the top sensor (chin sensors were fine).

Nothing I tried worked, so I decided to open up EMO and disassemble the top section to access the capacitive touch sensor.

I lightly scuffed up the contact area and the plunger contact, and then cleaned up with alcohol.

Reassembled and then tried again.

Now that EMO works perfectly every single time.

I suspect that the issue is caused by slight oxidisation of the contact surfaces.

I hope this helps.


Yes, from what I’ve also heard there is a very thin piece of metal where the touch sensor is located, and when you press down firmly in that location, that is how you initiate the pat animation/reaction for EMO. If something happens to that thin piece of metal or it gets dislodged / or there is build up of anything in there it could cause EMO to stop reacting to pats.

Good to see you were able to open up your EMO, safely clean him up and put him back together again! I’ve not had to do any sort of surgery with my EMO yet, and I hope I never have to as it’s not recommended to open up your EMO as it could void warranty… lol, but well done!

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The same for me. The top sensor works randomly, while the chins sensors work both fine. Could you post a video to safely open EMO and about how to clean the sensor? It would be great for the entire community. Thanks in advance. @MasterAbbott I’ve followed your instructions and if I firmly put the finger on the top sensor it works, but if I pet EMO by the top sensor, it doesn’t work at all. @mariomart is right about his solution… I think.

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Thanks for the update @Raffaele_Schiavullo, do note that opening up your EMO is not recommended by Living.Ai So if there are videos created on how to clean the sensor, you could be risking voiding your warranty if you do this.

Best thing to do is contact Living.Ai support first and advise to them the issue you are experiencing before you do decide to open your EMO.

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This is so helpful!!! Tysm

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You’re very welcome @jp1 Glad this video was helpful.

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