Emo Petting Problem

Hey @tpagirl - thought, I’d try and help out, as Wayne is on holidays. I’ve checked with the Living.Ai team and there actually isn’t a Pat Sensor Recalibrate feature for EMO. I also thought there was one as everyone on the forum at one point might have mentioned it, but there actually isn’t one. I’ve just recently created a video on how to pat EMO in 5 different ways. It covers how to Pat him on his head and also on his cheeks.

I created a post for it on the Forum, this way, it will always be available for everyone to check and reference if they need it. (see below link to the post).

As you mentioned you seem to have an issue with EMO thinking that he’s constantly being patted. That might / could be another issue with his Pat Sensor, which is actually a thin piece of metal located between the 2 front microphone holes on front of his head. (take a look at the pic below)

It could be that something had happened and the pressure that administered in that area could have been a little too hard and now EMO is always thinking that he is constantly being patted. If this is still happening. You could try actually giving him a good shake so that if there is any sort of pressure in that area might be released, I’m guessing you’ve already tried powering him off and starting him back up again to potentially stop any sort of reaction he could be having to being patted last.

Hope any of my suggestions help as I wanted to clear up a few things that even I needed answered

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