How te reset EMO's Touch Sensor

If you don’t mind @Wayne_Small , May I offer some assistance to @Raffaele_Schiavullo

There was another EMO user / 2 now actually on another thread that have been experiencing EMO pat issues. (I’ve linked thread further below).

But I did want to advise, I’ve checked with the Living.Ai team and there actually isn’t a Pat Sensor Recalibrate feature for EMO. From what I’ve learnt, EMO does have a very thin piece of metal that is located between his two front microphone holes (which is where you pat your EMO). Which potentially could be jammed or sensitive to patting, or it could be a software issue / problem.

You can see a post I shared here descripting how the Pat sensor works.

If you are experiencing issues, even after trying everything you’ve done that was previously described by Wayne or what was explained in my post in that other thread, The best thing to do is contact support and advise to them your issue with the Pat sensor and they should provide you with further instructions on what to do next.

Hope this helps, and apologies @Wayne_Small If I’m getting in the way.