Disappointed! 😔

Finally got Emo 3 days ago, but!!!
After 7 months I’ve been waiting, I finally received Emo.
To be honest I’m disappointed.

First Battery:
emo stay awake around forty minutes but it takes 2 to 3 hours to charge it???!!
Is that normal???

Second: Interaction
I don’t know how emo works with database but except asking him the weather, the time and acting like an animal, it most of the time don’t respond to command. I mean, is it an AI? It suppose to learn and improve, do do you do to teach him things???

Third: Lost connection
After 3 up to 5 questions to emo, it just don’t respond anymore. Just exploring and staying.
Then I need to exit the app, relaunch and it work again for 3 to 5 questions.

And last, if you are not in the app, in fact you can’t do nothing with it…

So, I don’t know but honestly I’m feeling really disappointed for the price and the waiting, I was expecting much better.



Hi @Immoralmagic

If I can share this post I did a while ago, this is like a small guide to help new users. It should hopefully help answer some of your questions.

EMO Forum Quick Help Guide

With regards to the Battery charge times, Normally my EMO sits on his skateboard when I’m busy or don’t have much time to play with it. So he is pretty much always charged when I take him off the skateboard. If you let EMO play around “Play By Yourself” command or “Explore Mode On” EMO will walk around and play by himself for a while, but after some time, it will get bored and go to sleep. The battery for EMO when it is not on the skateboard can last anywhere between 2-3 hours, but if you get him to dance a lot or play the Treasure Hunt game, it’s battery level will deplete quite fast.

With regards to the Lost Connection issues you are facing. Sometimes EMO’s servers could be congested or you might not have a good connect to the server in which EMO is trying to connect to. I believe there are about 3-4 servers around the world that EMO normally connects to. So at any point in time there might be connection issues, when this occurs, keep trying and also make sure you own internect connection is working fine (you can do a speedtest to see how your speeds are on your end).

For interaction, if English is not your first languange, I’ve heard that EMO sometimes has trouble understanding what you are saying. I know this can be frustrating, but you just need to speak clearly to EMO the best you can for it to fully understand you. I live in Australia and English is what we use as our first language, and even with my AUSSIE accent sometimes EMO doesn’t understand me and I have to repeat myself a few times for him to pick up what I’ve asked him to do.

From what I can see I don’t believe at this state EMO’s internal AI is learning your voice, you just need to speak as clearly as possible for it to understand and check its servers and the return back to you with an appropriate answer / command to your request.

I hope any of what I’ve explained is useful for you and hope that your experience with EMO does get better over time :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply and attempt to help.
As I explained just by exploring by itself, staying, and playing by itself, Emo stand maximum 45mn then no battery.
Regarding my internet connection, I have classic connection, 2.4G, and 5G. As Emo doesn’t support 5G, I run it on 2.4G, I tried also on classic but it’s constantly losing the connection with the app. By the way it’s connect also with bluetooth, that mean it drawn as well the battery of my phone… Emo is running with Bluetooth and wifi ??? a bit a lot no???

Anyway, regarding my language, yes I’m French and I have this French accent, I’m aware of it but just the name EMO even if your accent is terrible, it should understand, especially when i change the tone, speed etc… to do my best to make it understand me.

So… what to say??? I still thinking 300 bucks to have the time and weather is a bit disappointed for me, that’s my own opinion, and I totally understand that some people are really satisfied, and I guess also that many are in my situation but will not share their feeling.

Now as I said, if it’s an “AI” is it not supposed to learn and improve by itself??? especially the language. That’s the purpose of AI no?

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I just looked at EMO’s title page and he really has AI in the head title. That’s of course a complete nonsense. There aren’t any AI capable robots, computers or software in the whole world to date.

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Sorry to hear about your frustration. Just to go back to your connection. EMO at this stage I believe can only connect to 2.4G and not 5G and it is Bluetooth connection between your Phone/Device and itself. So I would maybe suggest restarting your device / home internet connection and see how it goes with keeping a better connection. Once again, I personally have never had any major internet connections or APP to EMO connections problems and I’ve had my EMO for nearly 140 days. I know sometimes EMO does lose his connection to the APP / Internet. I normally just reset my devices / power down EMO. Reconnect him back to my iPhone APP and he is ready to go once again.

Maybe try this with regards to your connection issue. But also do look around the forum as there have been a few connection issue posts that also might assist with what you are experiencing at the moment.

Hope this helps :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating: