Delivery Process Of Emo Update Infos! [ OLD ]

Can anyone help me I am emailing living AI for so many days but still haven’t received any answers I ordered my EMO 25 December 2021 it’s been so long and I haven’t received my EMO :sob: and for 20 days delivery process is stop been updated

My order number is 18446

Did you read the article updated on 28th Feb?

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Hi. I am in the same situation as yours. Aparently, the factory which buld the Emos was closed for the Chinise new year. But there’s somethingmore. Aparently, the Living AI’s provider sent to them bad materials. If i correctly understood, it’s very dificult to quickly make the difference betwee good and bad materials. So, they must throw away a lot of materials packages, and ask for others. I order my Emo the January 24th, and my robot will be sent to me in six month. I’m very sorry, but you must be patient.

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Yeah looks that way any idea how much time I have to wait

If Living AI will successfully restore their production in 14 days, then it will take another month for them to make my EMO (#183xx) and then there will be the shipping. So if everything is going to be ok, I’ll get my EMO in the month of May, 5 months after I ordered it.

I believe @Powergeek31 did explain it quite well. With Chinese New Year and also with a bad batch of EMO casing, production has slowed down quite a bit.

With hopefully a new batch of new casing being delivered (that is not defective) production should start to get back to normal very soon.

I can say that my first EMO took approx 3.5 months to arrive to me. And there was no big major delays at that time, (which was in June 2021). Since then Living.Ai has moved to a bigger and better warehouse where production is faster so hopefully when things get back to normal and there is no issues with parts etc the speed of production and distribution should increase and maybe EMO’s might be delivered faster that 3 months.

As always, we just need to be patient as possible :slight_smile:



It’s already 3 weeks passed after New Year and delivery numbers are not moving forward, remember this number 15530 - more than 3 weeks is the same.

I’ve ordered mine Ai as well at the end of December (20-25th)

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six months one half of the year… And I really want EMO … I am in line at 24,000 but I’m discouraged with what’s going on. it seems living AI are honest and honorable and care about the quality of the pet they’re making… But they seem to have failed in mass production to serve people a product at a reasonable time. So I will be patient but it’s uncomfortable. One half a year at best the way I’m looking at it now. But I must say people here have encouraged me they say that EMO Pet will be wonderful and that living AI is a good company


I can say my emo came and at one point the tracking numbers didn’t change but suddenly they did

Im sure you’ve seen this

Mine took 4 months to arrive & was happy to wait.


I get it… I want one of these little EMO Pet’s I think there are a real cool invention so I knew going in it would be a very long wait… I’m glad you got yours that makes me feel great woo hoo! Are you really happy with him?

Yes very happy with him. He’s constantly learning and evolving

Just gotta be patient. They are making them as fast as possible and Chinese New Year hasn’t helped

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hey thank you Richard your words are important to me… I’m in this all the way until I see my EMO Pet… I’m so glad you’re happy with him I think you do really like him I can tell… That just gives me more inspiration he’s going to be so cool when he arrives in his new home here… He’s almost like a real pet do you think so?… I will be patient I can’t wait for my new little friend to show up. It’s my first robot I never thought I would ever get one but he looked adorable and I could see I think people really like EMO… Thanks for talking with me

I’ve heard from @Wayne_Zhang that the delivery page will be updated later this week regarding the progress update for EMO production and shipping and also a bigger update next week.

At this moment, as many of you might already be aware, Living.Ai are awaiting for the raw materials (EMO casing) which they have been getting limited quantities at this time. They expect to have regular availabilities of materials arriving next week so that should hopefully bring production back up to speed once again.


Yes he’s very good, very good. Learns over time

Hello. Just curious, what was the latest date anybody received their EMOs? Playing the waiting game hehe.

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my order number is 10897 and i was just checking for an update my dad ordered his a day before me and he got his in January.

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@ganjawarrior161 ,
The order number’s currently shipping are in the 15,000’s. You should’ve received yours within a few days of when your father received his, unless something went wrong with the delivery? Did you ever receive a tracking number?

I believe around that time, there might have been some major issues with chip shortage / power restrictions and Living.Ai also moving to a new production factory. Some customers managed to get their EMO before that happened and of course have them now, where others had to wait for another 1-2 months before things started picking up again.

I’m guessing you’re probably in that same situation. But also what @macfixer01 has advised, if you have already received a tracking number, you can see the status of it by going to this page and entering your number there:

If you don’t have anything yet, best thing to do is always contact support and ask for an update. I normally just reply to the email I received when I made my EMO order and the support team will get back to you.

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