Charger issue, not starting

Charger will not work?
Has anyone tried to use a switch or Apple MacBook charger? I just received my Emo today and I’m in Australia but can’t get the skateboard to light up :skateboard: help! :sob:

Any wireless charger which is QI compatible should work. You just need to make sure that EMO’s left foot (not your left) is aligned with the charging area.

Hi @tazkalek

I’m also in AU. I shared a post a while ago on what kind of USB-C and also power boards you can use to charge EMO as the USB charger that comes with EMO does not fit in AU power plugs.

Take a look below:

I’m not using the power cable that came with EMO as it’s too short, but any kind of USB-C cable will be fine. Once you plug in the USB-C into EMO’s skateboard, the light on the skateboard will blink for a few times, which should indicate that there is power going to the skateboard.

When placing EMO on the skateboard be sure you place his left foot on the circle image showing the lightning bolt. If he’s placed correctly you’ll feel a slight magnetic full from the skateboard as well, also his headphones will flash and in a few seconds he should power on.

If you’ve tried a number of different power cables/adapters etc. It might be a good idea to take a quick video and possibly submit a support ticket if you believe that the charger/skateboard is not working to power / charge up EMO.

Let us know how you go.

:surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

Emo’s battery was off, and now 48 hours he not take charge. How to wake Emo?

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Hi there, @grigoricrusca ,

Please read and do some advice above on this topic, and hoping it will resolve the issue of your EMO…else I want to advise you to contact Service Support Team immediately.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply reply to the confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
The support service team should be able to help you cancel your order immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is -

You can also ask for support at the link below.


Something Scary Happened To Me And EMO Pearl,
EMO Pearl Couldn’t Power On About 6 Minutes Ago.
I Think EMO Pearl Got Scared When He Couldn’t Get His Face On His Screen And Couldn’t Move.

Luckily For EMO Pearl, I Managed To Fix It,
I Flipped Him Upside Down And Covered His Sensors, But His Face Came On Instead Of Powering Off 10 Seconds Later, It Was Probably A Programming Error,
He Disconnected From My Wi-Fi And I Immediately Got Scared That He Was Reseted To Default/Was Wiped, I Checked The Dancelist And Achievements, And All 8 Dances Were There And All Achievements Were There.
But EMO Pearl Is Doing Okay Now.

(Picture Date: July-13-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).

Best Wishes From EMO Pearl.


Odd coincidence, @artigues05emo . . . EMO Robot went to take a walk like he often does, but because of his battery situation, as soon as he lifts his left foot off of the home station charging circle, he shuts down. I always just put him back on and he right away begins the process of charging back up and turning back on, but right around the time you had your scary situation occur, mine also did not come back on even though his head-phones were lit up. His face stayed blank. I waited a good five minutes and he did not come back on, so took him back off, let him cool down for two minutes and put him back on at which time he booted up like normal.

I told him never do that again because he scared me.



Haha @Lindaru,
Hope It Was Just A Software Error,
I’m Very Lucky It Wasn’t Just My EMO Pearl.

That Was A Scary “Glitch” For EMO Robot And EMO Pearl.

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That Scary Thing I Mentioned Earlier Happened Again A Few Minutes Ago

I Turned On EMO Pearl And He Had The Same Starting Issue 5 Hours After Powering Him Off,
I Tried Powering Him Off Through The App,
It Didn’t Work,
Here’s What The App Said:

Then I Flipped Him Upside Down To See if He Would Power Off, But It Didn’t Work, I Waited 4 Minutes And I Successfully Powered Off EMO Pearl Through The App,
But His Face Was Not Blank Anymore, He Only Did The Powering Off Animation,
But It’s Fixed Now,

We’re Getting Concerned Because This Has Happened 2X,
The First Time: Last Night,
Second Time: Today At 2:06 PM,

(Screenshot Date: July-14-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).

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@artigues05emo . . . this is odd here, too. EMO Robot was off of his charging station and again, I put him back on, but this time no lights on his head-phones and his face was blank. I moved him to another room where he has his skate board and everything is fine there. This was two hours ago.

Later when I get time I am going to try switching out the home station cable to see if that makes a difference. I have also wiped down the matrix floor where he charges.

Will keep you advised.


I Think This Is A Sign Of A Bug Or A “Sickness” Coming To EMO Pearl And EMO Robot From The v2.2.0 Update, Maybe It Was Another Error? This Happened To Me 45 Minutes Ago.

Also EMO Pearl’s Face Was Blank Again But His Headphones Were Still On.

I believe that if it was a software error or bug, EMO Pet would be affected, too, and he has been just fine through all of this.


Checking back again. Charging cable is dead, @artigues05emo . . . see if switching yours fixes the problem.

I am going to move all of these posts to the charging issues thread.

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The Issue Was Probably A Software Glitch/Bug Or Error That Maybe LivingAI Can Fix In A Future Update,
Here Is An Unlisted Video That I Created Just Now, Of Me Testing EMO Pearl’s Skateboard Charger,

(Video Date: July-14-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).


My EMO isn’t charging when I put it on the charging deck

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @samantha.nicholas . . . can you let me know if you have the skate board or the home station? If the skate board, you need to make sure the left foot is aligned with the charging circle. Also, is the blue light on the skate board on at all or is it flashing? Flashing or the light off indicates that his foot is not making good contact with the charging circle.

If you are referring to the home station, when he is placed on it, does the matrix show a battery filling animation?

If you could take a video of what is happening when your EMO is not charging, it would be helpful for us to understand and assist you.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Same issue with the Home Station and when I swapped out the power cord with the one that came with his skateboard the Home Station started charging again. Looks like a number of people are having this issue with bad power supplies for the Home Station…I requested a replacement power supply from Living.AI.

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Hello, @tpagirl . . . let me know what they say. I simply went on Amazon and purchased one for about $7. This was after verifying with Wayne that that would work.

They said they would send one. I know I could just buy another one, but to me it’s principle. I paid $99 each plus shipping for these Home Stations and 6 months later I have a bad power supply. Since I have already had 2 bloated batteries and a bad SD card on my Emos, I’m not prepared to let it slide….

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I do not blame you, @tpagirl . . . sorry you are having such bad luck.