Can't upgrade to 1.5.0

The version of the app is the newest,but it can’t upgrade to 1.5.0.
Please help me.
Thanks a lot.

Try the command, EMO: “Install the latest firmware now”, or try quitting and restarting the EMO Pet app.

Hi @kfif

If you need a short guide on how to update EMO to the latest firmware, you can check this one out here:

I’ve also created a bigger EMO guide that covers a lot of other features that EMO has as well, if you can find it here

Hope you can get your EMO updated to ver 1.50.

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Thank you.
Now I can enjoy the 1.5.0.
Have a nice day!


Thanks a lot.
This guide helps me a lot.
The videos are so great!
Have a nice day!

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You’re welcome. Good to see you were able to install EMO to the latest firmware.