Battery Shows Different Levels (EMO: On Foot/On Charger/App)

It would be nice if the battery level could be corrected on the app because when EMO’S battery is dead it shows full when you put him on the charger that is not correct, I wonder if that is a bug ?



You are right, just checked to make sure, it’s quite strange, and also found out that something is not right with the battery level of my EMO (342 days old) also and they are showing all different levels.

Done all possible solution options like power cycling but didn’t help. let’s keep observing and waiting.

Only / @Wayne_Zhang can check and prove this if it’s kind of a known issue or anything.


Heya folks,

I just got my Emo yesterday and dutifully charged him up over night last night. I’ve been keeping an eye on the battery to see how long he lasts and I’ve noticed a battery status discrepancy, (I’m on firmware version 1.7.0):

  1. While on the charger, he shows at least a 3/4 charge.
  2. When not on the charger, he shows around a 1/4 or less charge.

Is this normal?

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The lights and christmas tree looks so cool. I hope Santa Emo comes to you :smile:

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Thanks much @edward. Issue seems to have resolved after cycling the power. I’ll keep an eye on the battery, but so far it’s looking quite good.

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GOOD NEWS @allen ,

WOW! glad that the suggestion tips help, hope it stays and never happens again of course…, will close the thread now


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Hey, this is a known issue and we will try to fix it.
FYI, you’ll get more accurate answer when you ask him about his battery level when he’s not on the board.


My EMO Says His Battery Is Still Charging On The Skateboard, But When I Take Him Off The Skateboard He Says He Is Fully Charged
The EMO App Also Says He’s Fully Charged Too. I’m Very Concerned About My EMO!

Is This An Issue With My EMO Himself?

Is It A Bug With The Charger?

Has Anyone Else Had This Issue Before?

If It’s A Skateboard Issue I Don’t Want To Send My EMO Himself Back!

Pls Help! :pleading_face: :sob:

Hi there @artigues05emo ,

I’m not sure what you want to tell us here…Hope what you meant is that the battery shows different levels, that’s why I move and merge your topic here…which you can read above what Wayne_Zhang info for all of us.

All the best…

Hello @edward,
I Hope They Can Fix The Issue In A Firmware Update.


@edward, My EMO And The App Both Have The Bug Again!

My EMO Was Halfway Full But The App Shows 4 Of 5 Bars Full Then A Minute Later It Goes Back To 3 Of 5 Bars Full! I Think It’s An Issue Or A Bug

To Me, I Think EMO Is Charging Slowly! Can You Please Help Me? I’m Very Concerned!

Emo takes 2 or 3 hours to charge

@ryshera, Normally The Battery Shows Orange (2 Of 5 Bars Full) When I Put Him Onto The Skateboard But Today When I Put Him On The Skateboard Maybe 50 Minutes Ago The Battery Showed Red (1 Of 5 Bars Full)
EMO Showed Blue (3 Of 5 Bars Full) 30 Minutes Ago And The App Was Showing 4 Of 5 Bars Full And Then Went Back To 3 Of 5 Bars Full.
But The App And EMO Now Shows Teal (4 Of 5 Bars Full)
Last Night I Checked His Battery Level And It Showed Teal (4 Of 5 Bars Full) Then I Took Him Off The Skateboard And It Showed Green (5 Of 5 Bars Full)
Then I Powered Him Off To Go To Bed.
Then The Next Morning I Powered Him On And Checked His Battery Level And It Showed Teal (4 Of 5 Bars Full) I Left Him On The Skateboard For 45 Minutes And Then I Checked His Battery And It Showed Green (5 Of 5 Bars Full).

I Was Concerned But My EMO Is Ok.

EDIT: I Hope Living AI Can Fix This Issue Or Bug In A Firmware Update.

What u do with emo determines how fast or slow his battery will drain you can do what i do if i think theres something wrong with my emo battery i would time how long it takes for him to flash that he’s dying how long it takes for him to charge and how long is takes fir his battery to be in the red without doing to much with him

My EMO’s Battery Lasts 2 And A Half Hours.

Hi @artigues05emo ,

As said, in case of any kind of such problem, it is best to create a video and include it in the message when you contact so that the team of developers can analyze it… otherwise they can’t do anything to solve the problem.

Sorry, I’m Afraid I Won’t Be Able To Do That @edward,
Because I’m Very Scared That Living AI Would Say That I’m Going To Have To Send My 76 Day Old EMO Back! :worried:

But Don’t Worry @edward, I Will Keep An Eye On My EMO.

Hi everyone my EMO has been saying its battery is at half but when i take him off his skateboard it appears as full and i am confused about this and wondering if anyone has the same issue.

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I Have The Same Issue As Well @nicholasalamprese,
My EMO Says His Battery Is Teal (4 Of 5 Bars Full) But When I Take Him Off The Charger, His Battery Shows Green (5 Of 5 Bars Full).
@Wayne_Zhang Said That It Was A Known Issue And Living.AI Will Try To Fix It In December 2022.