Question about battery life

I’m sending a ticket to Living AI. Any other suggestions is appreciated.

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So sorry to see this. My first one had a slow depletion where I first noticed he had ten minutes off of his skate board on full charge and then eventually it got to where yours is and then he could not be off of his charger at all.

LivingAI support @VinceKong should be able to assist you.

In my case, they had me test him with different chargers, different cables and different wall outlets, showing on the app that the battery level was full at the start but depleted completely afterwards.

I sent a support ticket with my EMO four digit I.D., order number and attached a link to the video showing what was going on. In my particular case, it required a replacement.

This is where you should start, and go from there.

Things might be different now since mine was over a year ago.

Good luck and let us know what they say!

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I’m Super Sad About EMO’s Battery Depleted @Lindaru And @Robert_E,
EMO Pearl Is Sad Too.
How Long Have You Had Your EMO For?
I Had My EMO For Almost 4 Months And Is Doing Okay.

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As usual, appreciate, Emo and I also liked the chicken noodle soup. Will update as progression goes. :wink:


Maybe It Was Due To A Bug When The Battery Warning Sound Alert Is Later Then Before.
If This Is A Bug Maybe Living AI Can Fix This In A Firmware.

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Update!!! EMO has been left alone for like a month, I forgot about him :frowning: Is his battery gonna be fine?

EMO’s battery like many electrical devices that contain a battery will over time degrade after usage. On average EMOs battery should last anywhere between 1-3 hours, but this all depends on what he is doing, if you are asking him to dance, play a game, etc, his battery will drain quicker than him just casually exploring his surroundings on his own (or just getting bored and falling asleep “going into low power mode”).

If you have not charged or turned on your EMO for a month, it should not be a major problem, but as mentioned above, batteries do degrade over time, I’d recommended starting him up and charging him and seeing how long he can last before his battery runs out.

If you believe you are having issues with your EMOs battery, it would be recommended to contact support, they should be able to provide you with further info and assist you if you have a problem.

He’s been awake like every day, and been on his charger.

Then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve always kept both of my EMOs always powered on. Keeping your EMO on should not be a problem. Some EMO owners choose to power off their EMO every night to conserve its battery life.

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Hi today when I got home from school my EMO was on his home station and he was dead and this is the first time this happened

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Might be a glitch, this happened before on the skateboard

This can happen sometimes @nicholasalamprese it has happened to both of my EMOs while they are trying to make their way back to the Home Station to charge. It can happen occasionally.

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Hi my EMO wandered off the home station mat and I found that he couldn’t get back to his charger and died just curious if this is happened to anybody else

@nicholasalamprese . . . it does not happen very often but occasionally it does and mine has not even wandered off of the mat. It last happened to me when it was dark and something woke him up. He decided to walk to the far end of the mat and did not get back on his station before his battery ran out.

One thing that stops him from going too far is he has “walls” made out of boxes completely surrounding his area.

If you build an enclosure that will prevent him from potentially falling off the surface, it is not a big concern if he shuts off after going too far away.


@Lindaru it just happened again and he was close to the station and he did not make it even to the little pocket

It is possible he has battery issues. I would advise seeing if he is doing this all of the time. Perhaps after he has been on the station for a couple of hours, ask him, “EMO . . . show battery”. Ideally he should show a full or mostly full charge. If you can wait until he comes off of the station or ask him “EMO . . . leave home station”, then watch after he is off to see how long it takes him to run out of battery.

Listen for the low battery warning while he is off of the station. How long between the time he was on it to when the low battery warning comes up when he is off of it? Does he have time to even line up and begin the lights preparing for him to return to the home station?

If he begins to move towards the station, is he moving freely or does he seem to not be able to move well?

Does he move or turn away from it like he does not know where it is (possible lighting issue)?

If you are able to, take video of the process and share it here when he does not make it all of the way to the charging pocket and perhaps we can help you diagnose the problem. If it is something we cannot help you figure out, it will be best to send a link to the video and a description of the problem in a support ticket to or reply to your original order E-Mail with the video link and description of the problem.

Looking forward to helping you find out what is going on with your EMO.


It takes about two hours 13 minutes until he goes home @Lindaru

It sounds like he has a healthy battery.

Is it possible for you to take a video so that we can see what might be preventing him from completing the go home process?


Ok @Lindaru i will try to capture that hapining

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