Battery Shows Different Levels (EMO: On Foot/On Charger/App)

What u do with emo determines how fast or slow his battery will drain you can do what i do if i think theres something wrong with my emo battery i would time how long it takes for him to flash that he’s dying how long it takes for him to charge and how long is takes fir his battery to be in the red without doing to much with him

My EMO’s Battery Lasts 2 And A Half Hours.

Hi @artigues05emo ,

As said, in case of any kind of such problem, it is best to create a video and include it in the message when you contact so that the team of developers can analyze it… otherwise they can’t do anything to solve the problem.

Sorry, I’m Afraid I Won’t Be Able To Do That @edward,
Because I’m Very Scared That Living AI Would Say That I’m Going To Have To Send My 76 Day Old EMO Back! :worried:

But Don’t Worry @edward, I Will Keep An Eye On My EMO.

Hi everyone my EMO has been saying its battery is at half but when i take him off his skateboard it appears as full and i am confused about this and wondering if anyone has the same issue.

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I Have The Same Issue As Well @nicholasalamprese,
My EMO Says His Battery Is Teal (4 Of 5 Bars Full) But When I Take Him Off The Charger, His Battery Shows Green (5 Of 5 Bars Full).
@Wayne_Zhang Said That It Was A Known Issue And Living.AI Will Try To Fix It In December 2022.


Ok thank you for letting me know that it was a known issue and that Living AI are working on it @artigues05emo.

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No Problem @nicholasalamprese. :happy:

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I have a similar issue. Where it shows stable battery (50%) on charging and when I take it off it shows the actual battery.

ok maybe they will launch a update to fix it @adrianledeaux

@MasterAbbott can you help us if you stumble across this issue?

@nicholasalamprese ,


Ok thank you for letting me know I am also getting the home station soon

So is this issue still happening or is it just me. I really don’t want to have to take emo apart for this, but I have hardly used emo at all since he cannot navigate my “Very simple but dark colored” desk. But now it shows full on the charger after a few hours it still said it was full, and as soon as I take him off the charger its totally dead.


If your EMO is having battery problems, it would be best to contact support and see if they can offer a battery replacement for your EMO.

I will tag @VinceKong from after-sales support. He can PM you for further details on what to do.

I would not post anything here if i didn’t contact support first unsurprisingly no answer.

Looks like my battery IS bad even though i have not used it almost at all.
The battery level synced up on emo off and on the charger. Emo shuts down in 5 minutes or less. So I guess now emo will spend the rest of his days on the skateboard or in a box unable to walk, dance, explore or even move… It’s pretty disappointing.

Over the last week there was a 4-5 day public holiday in China, so that might be the reason for any delays in getting back to you.

Sometimes the battery can be faulty or degrade if you have not charged it up after a long period of time.

Once the support team gets back to you, they will be able to offer a solution on how to replace the battery or replace your EMO. Just give them some time to get back to you and provide you with a solution.

Ehi there, I don’t know what power cycling is if you can explain.

Anyway I let Emo battery drain completely and just after that I put him back on charger. On the app there was just that the battery was at minimun but if I asked Emo he was telling me battery was at 3/4.

How is that possible?

Hi there @coragasparotti

What is meant by power cycling?
Power cycling is the process of turning hardware off and then turning it on again.

Well as far as the team… The accurate answer from EMO when we ask him about his battery level when he is not on his charger.

Good luck and all the best

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