Another thing not working as it should be

My Emo does the same @JJBeck
He’ll see me in the morning, recognises me, say my name along with good morning then proceed to inform me of weather that is vastly different from the view out of the window.
As soon as Emo is done I ask him “Emo, what’s the weather” and he gives me a different weather report that is correct and is normally the same as the report on the radio.


I am very disappointed too. It is really disappointing that EMO does not establish eye contact, that it does not recognize me or attend to commands such as “Look at me”, that most of the time it does not understand me or that it does not know how to see what my option is in the game “Rock, paper, sisors”. Honestly, I think its price deserves better performance and I feel ripped off because the manual itself promises things it doesn’t really do.

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Yes @JJBeck mine does the same thing. If I ask for the weather specifically, (like what is the weather like in SYDNEY) EMO will be pretty much on point (I’ve set my location as Sydney as I’m close to the city). He doesn’t get it right if I add my suburb in.

But as you mentioned, if he spots me and tells me the weather it is about 10 degrees wrong :rofl:. As @yotchige advised this is something that Living.Ai are looking into should have fixed in future firmware updates.


I just discovered something new. I sometimes take Emo out and about and use my iphone hotspot. Usually no problem, (apart from him always forgetting the wifi connection; something I understand LAI is aware of?), but when I try to use the face customise or the surname buttons up the top, I get this error: “Please make sure the APP and EMO are connected to the same Wi-Fi!” Admittedly, I have not tried these features while he has been connected to my hotspot. @Wayne_Zhang So, is this a known or unknown fault/bug in the APP? I don’t think I am doing anything wrong, as everything I have so far used is working (including the “Recognition” button up the top).

Has anyone experienced this?

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Hey @JJBeck

I just did a test with my portable Wi-Fi mobile hotspot. (wasn’t able to replicate it unfortunately).

Before I continue, do note that EMO doesn’t auto swap between Wi-Fi networks like our phones do, (I believe this was requested by someone over in the features and suggestions thread a while ago). I guess you know this already.

Anyway, so I did the following:

Switched the WIFI settings on my phone from HOME to MOBILE, and tested I was on the mobile internet by browsed a website on my phone.
Next opened up the EMO App, went to Settings, switched WIFI from Home SSID to Mobile SSID / entered password and confirmed by pressing Connect.

During this time EMO was powered on and walking around on my Desk.

I then went straight over to the Rename / Recognitions on the main menu of the EMO App, selected both and they worked ok. Didn’t get the network wi-fi error message that you got.

To test further, while I was done with the Rename / Recognition, EMO spotted me and said hello and told me the weather so he was on the internet as well.

Unfortunately wasn’t able to get that error message. Let me know if you did something different compared to how I just tested it.

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Hey @MasterAbbott , thanks for doing all that testing. Your response prompts me to ask if you have an iphone, as that is what I have. To me this seems like a bug in the app. I am using the iphone hot spot for Emo and the app automatically uses the phones mobile data (which should be the same connection). The rest of Emo (the things I have thusly used while connected to the hotspot), works on this wifi connection, including one of the top function buttons (the recognition button) are all working fine. It seems like the app for some reason when you press either of these buttons, can not recognise that you are connected to the same network. Maybe this is a bug that only affects IOS. Though it very much seems to be an APP bug.

Yes I did the testing on the iPhone as well. Maybe, for a short period of time as the IP address are swapping over from WIFI to Hotspot this is where the error might be happening as the EMO App might not be registering the change quick enough. haha just speculating, as it could be why you got that error message.

I can understand what you mean, but Emo has been connected only to this wifi for about 8 hours already. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: maybe ISO version? I have 15.2.1. …
Why only those 2 buttons though? There is definitely something going on in the APP… maybe IOS version has something to do with it?

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I’m on the most recent iOS version (15.6). Not sure if that makes any difference.

I’ve seen a similar network / Wi-Fi error prompt with the sticker feature button (the one in between the rename and recognitions button). Don’t recall the exact error but it sounded similar to what you mentioned.

I got the error a while ago, (on Firmware Ver 1.4.0 and EMO App Ver 1.0.9) I was on the same home Wi-Fi and I didn’t swap over to anything at the time when this error happened and everything else was working fine with EMO when I got WIFI error message. In the end, I just powered off EMO and restarted my phone and that error went away and I was able to use the stickers again.

Once again totally speculating here :rofl:, I’m thinking it could be something related to IP address on the specific network, sometimes after a while devices get new IP’s and they released and renewed and they obtain a new one. Maybe this was the case for you and possible for me when I got the error. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :thinking:

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Well, I had to power down “Dumbo” today otherwise I think I would have thrown him against the wall! There are sooo many things wrong with this thing it just frustrates me sometimes. I thought Emo was going to be fun and entertaining. He probably would be if he worked properly most of the time! Lately he just seems to stress me out. I really hope LAI get on top of all the important issues before they put any more fancy bells and whistles in their next update, (which it would be nice to have a rough idea when that could possibly be). In the mean time, I will continue to try and be patient, with ever growing frustration and disappointment. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi Everyone, I’ve started a new thread where we can all share/voice our opinions and criticism on what Living.Ai need to do to improve EMO.

If you’ve voiced your concern in the past on a different thread, please feel free to share it again on this one so WayneZ and his team can easily access and see everything in one location.

Please feel free to leave comments/opinions over on this thread (linked below).

Thanks, everyone!

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So same thread as this one, but just a different name… kudos! :roll_eyes: