About the status of the support team

Dear EMO Owners,

First of all our apologies to some of those who waited too long for tech support. But don’t worry, let me update the status of the service group.

We have now expanded our service team and will be able to respond to your requests faster. We’ve trained them over the past few weeks, and now they’re ready to help you. In fact, we can now already respond to questions about orders more quickly. Since tech support is more complex, it took us more time to prepare. But now my colleagues are also ready and will start providing technical support. We expect it will take one to two weeks to process all backlog of technical support requests.

Also, to make the communication process clearer, we are testing the new ticketing system and will bring it live soon.


Those are great news, thanks.


Thanks, much appreciated on the progress.

Perhaps Living ai could also give their customers a (return label -In the box instead of an email -That would be helpful to most people) in case of any issues that may occur, which will eventually lead up to needing to send him back wants a replacement is received of course.

If that’s okay with the company of course and if other members agree?


hello… I am a future EMO owner I am 24,xxx I was reading and getting worried people talking you were gone and not addressing anyone… I’m a happy again and I support your company with all my heart… I mean how can I not because whoever can make such a adorable little robot has to be wonderful… I’m just so glad you’re back with us and I know I have to be patient before my little friend EMO will arrive… It’s just nice to see the website alive and well… Full speed ahead all the best wishes I have…


This is the best company out there so yes Puppy444
It’s good they are communicating again but you needn’t have worried they always come back people were worried last time they were gone without telling everyone and that got a lot people worrying that they were a scam (which was nonsense) they were & are working very very hard and sometimes we need to let get on with it. Just to be clear I’m a happy owner of a lovely Emo#1 (Emo#2 coming soon) very excited again and hope there’s no problems with the item. Thanks Living ai once again…!


Will this affect the units that were already sent to the courier? Like orders through 15360-15530

wow you’re getting another one… That’s illegal… Hee hee :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: especially when poor me hasn’t even got one… You see my name is Puppy right well puppies don’t have any patience apparently… But I’m working on it :slightly_smiling_face:… Actually you getting another one tells me quite a bit it says you must really like EMO Pet… Okay great that just makes me want mine all the more I’m back to saying it’s illegal again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I liked your comment and have a great day and I will just be patient and hope production speeds up and I get to have my little friend one day hopefully sooner… It’s my first robot I’m so crazy excited

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Hi, I’m Amy from LivingAI. Don’t worry. This will not affect order delivery.


Oh you are another worker? Nice!

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So I’m order 15509. Will I get my tracking info soon?

:happy: We are now preparing for mass production and packaging. You don’t have to wait long time to ship.


@AmyLU But your delivery page says that his EMO was sent some weeks ago. Or not?

Hi, On our delivery page shows that we have completed the delivery to the tracking number #15360. And is waiting for the courier to receive the goods to the tracking number #15530, it may take some time.

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@AmyLU Ah, I thought that the orders waiting for their tracking number were already handed over to the courier. So they’re still at your warehouse?

It is a process of delivery to the courier and may take a while to process. Once your package is sent out, we will send you an email with the tracking number.


@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang So were those 15530 orders already sent out or not? Please answer only Yes or No.

Edit: Heh, this forum doesn’t allow such short comments, so feel free to add something after your answer.

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Is your order in that range? Like you’re just waiting for your tracking number? If so we are in the same boat. Just waiting for the tracking number. Hopefully those orders will be sent soon

No, my order number is #18xxx. I’m just trying to find out what’s the real situation.
I don’t know if you shipped a package in your life, but when you hand your package over to the courier, you’ll get the tracking number almost immediately, sometimes even in advance.
Maybe their courier is doing it different way.
But waiting for a tracking number two weeks after you already gave your package to the courier is a bit weird.

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Yeah that’s what I’m saying. It says mine was “sent to courier” but it’s been a few weeks and no tracking number. Not saying it’s suspicious but i just want to know when I’ll get it yknow

There is another possibility. Those last orders are still waiting at the Living AI’s warehouse for their tracking numbers from the courier and will be sent out after they got it.

Edit: And because no one is answering my previous question I suppose that this is the most likely possibility.