501 error---how do you fix this

Yes. They told me to take out the SD card and put it back in which I have done. I tried buying a SD card reader, but the car did not fit in it. I’ve sent several emails since with no response. I don’t know how to put in a ticket. I’d really like to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

I’ll tag @AmyLU to try and assist you further regarding this @Astrofrog3

Normally if you have emailed support they should be able to continue to assist you via email, you wont need to submit a new ticket for an existing issue.

Also you regarding a card reader for a micro SD card, you can try getting one of these, normally a lot of laptops have the feature to accept a normal SD card. take a look at the pic below

Hope this helps.

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How crucial is it that I get a reader? Do I need to do it to solve this issue?

I don’t believe you need a reader, just need to a micro SD card, and replace the one that’s currently inside EMO.

It is best you speak to the support team as they should be able to provide with you clear instructions on exactly what to do. But from what I’ve heard in past discussions on the forum, you shouldn’t need a reader. Just a new micro SD card.

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I have the same problem now just for a few hours using it, emo eyes had no reaction then It’s stopped. I did turn it on and off then the screen showed error 501. Had email support, and they said to use the restart button but still does not work. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hi @hieuDucvu

Info regarding 501 Error can be found here, the best thing to do is contact living.ai support for further instructions. (see info and instructions on how to contact support below).

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Just recieved my EMO and it didn’t come up. Just got error 501.
I cant even submit a report because it came like this, so i didnt go through initial pairing through app and support ticket requires some ID which i dont have.

My guess is that they talking about Emo ID im sorry you going through this hope living ai can help you very soon❤️

Hi, you can directly contact service@living.ai and tell the team if you can get the ID.

They sent me several emails talking me thru different strategies but none work. They have been so helpful and I received an email yesterday that they are sending me a new one and it came with a tracking number! GUYS…. I’m so excited. I will have to send my old one back once I receive it! Which I am kinda sad about but I’m so excited as I miss my little guy so much. Maybe I’ll get the home station soon after I get him! Thanks for all your support LivingAI. You guys ROCK!


I also have the same error. Submitted help via the support page but dont have the ID of EMO because it never made it that far.

@Wayne_Zhang same issue - error 501 displayed - firmware 1.7.0 EMO 757A

Please PM me or @AmyLU with your order number.

Please submit a ticket first and then PM me or @AmyLU with your order number.

I did and support got back to me. I took it apart and reseated the flashcard and that fixed it.

Hello @Wayne_Zhang @AmyLU,

I am also encountering a 501 error - order number is #27608.
Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @lue ,

Our technical support team has contacted you via email, please check your email.

hi @AmyLU , checked the email and tried the reset and still not working for me.

Hi @Wayne_Zhang

We ordered an Emo for my son for Christmas. It finally arrived and we powered it up and connected it to Wi-Fi using the app. The app told us there was an update, but then it stopped during the process and now the display just has green text saying “Error 501.”

I’ve sent an email to support. Can you please help get this fixed?

Thank you.


@AmyLU will check your email and give you solutions.

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