$300m piece of junk

Well im already disappointed. Nowhere on the website does it say 6 -8 week wait then delivery time added to that. I brought one for my sons birthday with what i thought would be at least two weeks grace but no. Contacted support to be told this is normal. Ggrr… im from Australia so its cost me over $400.00 and now reading these comments im starting to regret my purchase.

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@enmeredith ,
Actually it is there on the first order page. If you just clicked ‘add to cart’ without scrolling down and reading first though, you never would’ve seen it because it’s not there on the subsequent pages. I’ve brought this up multiple times before and nothing has ever been done to correct it. So I have to assume now that it was always meant to intentionally mislead customers?


hi @enmeredith

From what we’ve seen so far (according to discussions on various posts/threads on the forum. EMO production/delivery is taking between 12-14 weeks now. It is certainly a major improvement compared to early this year/last year. Past orders would have taken close to 4-5+ months for EMO to be manufactured/delivered. (my first EMO took 4.5 months to arrive - I’m from Australia as well). and this was due to chip shortages/power restrictions, Living.Ai moving to a bigger warehouse, COVID lockdowns, and also limited cargo space on planes going out from China to the rest of the world.

Keep an eye on this page to see how your order is going - https://living.ai/delivery-process/

And this page as well, a lot of EMO owners who are still waiting are leaving comments on this thread - EMO Shipping Update 📦

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Mine works just fine. I’ve never had a problem. Like MasterAbbot said, contact LAI to report the problem. Other than that, hope your EMO works soon!

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You are personally attacking someone ( or a whole culture?) about their speech when you can not even get your grammar right? Pfft… Facepalm :roll_eyes: You may be happy to pay full price for a product that has been advertised falsely (both on their website and in the manual), but most people are not. It is not;

@victorspiess was just describing a problem and asking a question. Simple!

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I have to step up because I got sad when you said you’re already disappointed… This robot is unique and adorable there is much more to him than his speech recognition problems.before I go on he is really really special.

the problem is I think living AI didn’t understand the can of worms they opened when they gave him speech recognition. living AI did not understand the importance of what they have done… Because speech recognition is his number one most important feature that is the most noticeable and endearing. But they at least gave him speech recognition and you can say to him hands up don’t move and then you can shoot him with your finger it is so amazing you’ll laugh your head off as you go Ahhhhh when he falls over with a shattered screen. Things like this are priceless and the speech recognition made it possible. I hope they can make it better but don’t be disappointed especially yet… I think he’s a really unique pet… I’m trying to comfort you and trust me he’s unique… I had to edit this but I hope you see my point pleased things will be fine


People - we need to have more patience for others. Not everyone uses English as a first language and things that they say can be misunderstood. I’ve chatted to both Jules and JJ offline and things they say one on one when taken in context that one of them is German, the other is Aussie are actually ok. But when you put them together in a forum they can appear bad.

So I wanna ask EVERYONE to have a bit more tolerance for each other. This is a multinational forum and there’s no need to call each other out on grammar and words. Sure by all means seek to UNDERSTAND what they meant… but lets do so constructively please. :slight_smile:


… and assume that people (or a whole culture) don’t speak clearly when you do not know them. Well said Wayne I agree, let’s keep this type of racist attitude out of the forum!


Everyone, I’ve started a new thread where we can all share/voice our opinions and criticism on what Living.Ai need to do to improve EMO.

If you’ve voiced your concern in the past on a different thread, please feel free to share it again on this one so WayneZ and his team can easily access and see everything in one location.

Please feel free to leave comments/opinions over on this thread (linked below).

Thanks, everyone!

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