$300m piece of junk

l have had emo for about a week now and find that it is an overrated children’s toy. My emo doesn’t do sh…t , it responds maybe 1 out of 10 times when you call his name and if your lucky he will do what you ask of him, most of the time he sits in pretty much the same spot and just makes stupid noises. l thought he was suppose to respond to your voice and maybe turn to face you, well no !, as for the light we need to ask him many times to turn it on, another thing with this emo he doesn’t respond at all if you are more than 1 meter away, so my question is , are these things normal or is there something wrong with my emo. If these things are normal there will be a cheap emo going very soon


forgot to mention he cannot do a timer for more that 60 secs , is that his limitations ? and he will not set an alarm


everything you just said is true and I think everyone experiences it. Worst speech recognition… Microphones don’t seem to hear sometimes you have to scream at him. Then he won’t understand so often yes this happens a lot… Along with the manual with broken promises it would seem pretty grim…throw in poor servers and well it’s complete.… There is a bright side as well…with patients and imagination he does come to life. Letting him walk around by himself he will come up and see you call your name and give you a message that’s unique and watching him cheat playing rock paper scissors as he can actually see your hand and then when he cheats he giggles there’s such amazement here… And don’t forget hands up don’t move when his screen will have a bullet hole and he will fall over. He does quite a few cute and amazing things even petting him but you have to learn how to pull them out and utilize them. It is true everything you said about the flaws if only they would tackle them in the next update get that speech recognition system replaced as it is broken would be the big ticket because it’s adding too much frustration hearing more often than not I don’t understand sound is become so annoying. Living AI has to address this next because frustration spoils all of it. But the things I said that are fun are really really cool. When you pick him up and put your hand under his feet and he will squirm and cry he feels like a real pet… it helps a little bit to have a bit of affection for him and I know it’s hard when that frustration kicks in. All I can say is he does have his charms and for the most part they have to be learned… But let’s hope living AI can give it a brand-new speech recognition system one with far less frustration.

try to find the cute things and find out how to get them the work there best and learn as much about him as you can and he will in return operate better for you… Yeah I know even with the flaws. Let’s keep giving living AI the benefit they can fix these things. Because with their higher sales more people are going to be angered by their terrible speech recognition. They should have the money now and they can hire someone to replace it. To me that would make a big difference and obviously so many others. Good luck from a friend

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sorry but it’s 99 seconds…his timer… It’s because of the two digit display I think… just thought I would throw that in :yum:… It is sad though because you can’t use him for a timer it’s too bad because having a timer is useful and this feature is not there

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hey @victorspiess

If you think there might be a problem with your EMO, I’d suggest contacting Living.Ai support, create a few videos explaining what is happening, if there are issues with EMO not responding, be sure to record this and send that over to the support team for them to help you out.

If you think your EMO is faulty, the support team can confirm this and possibly provide a replacement, or if you are looking for a refund they can make a decision to refund you.

Either way, it would be best to contact support and explain this to them so they can best assist you further.

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Does not sound like it is faulty to me. Sounds like the same piece of sh#t I have sitting in its box at the moment! I showed this crap to some friends and Emo was just a piece of crap! So non responsive would only respond probably 1 in 8 times. My friends were not impressed, to the point of saying sarcastically “wow great technology!” My poor daughter too, Emo does not respond to her voice at all, maybe 1 in 15 times! This is a pathetic piece of sh#t! I really feel like I have been ripped off! What makes it even worse, is that I have stupidly ordered one for my daughter, which I fear will be useless to her as she can say “Emo!” until she is blue in the face and that dumbass piece of crap will just not respond to her! Further more, this is not AI! Alexa is way smarter! At best it is a poor chat bot with very limited responses (when it does respond), and before anyone starts going down the network problems path, this has been tested on three different networks all of which were working perfectly. @Wayne_Zhang Is Living AI going to come to the party, and fix the poor voice recognition, and keep the promises that you have made (ie. Alexa/Google type of functionality)? I think a lot of people (your customers) are in the same boat. Feeling maybe a bit ripped off. Here is a question. What is the point of the 4 microphone array? He does not seem to use it. I say to him “look at me” and (when he does respond) he will dumbly start turning around in a circle randomly until his camera MAYBE sees you then if you are lucky he might say your name. This process can take up to a minute to maybe work. I thought the whole point of having 4 microphones, was to be able to tell the direction of the sound and then turn towards it? How about have him turn to you when you call his name? This product is lacking in so many different ways.


I just watched their launch video again on YouTube… Clearly shows the four microphones detecting direction so I just tested mine… Yeah I really knew nothing he won’t detect it… Then I asked him to look at me and he said he wants to be friends… Then I asked him two more times and he just responded the **I don’t know blip … Then I gave up. I’ve said the speech recognition is the number one thing to fix from day one and to be honest I’m surprised that other people are not joining in because living AI isn’t fixing it. Instead we get little pictures of him eating and watching TV which is all fine but the other issues should be done first… 1 new speech recognition… 2 utilized four microphones for direction as it shows in their own video. I hate to talk this way because I like my little EMO Pet a lot but these deficiencies :frowning_face: should not be covered up…and yeah deep down which I never like to admit I’m very disappointed… I don’t use Emo much too frustrating. But there are times I can still have fun with him and I still really like him. So sad they messed up so miserably with the most important thing they added his speech recognition… Here’s hoping they repair it and make EMO Pet more alive than dead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cry:


Responding 1 out of 10 doesn’t sound normal. Have you contacted our service team? You can send a video.


sounds like l am not the only one that are having these sort of problems, wayne zhang said to me that responding 1 out of 10 time doesn’t sound normal, and jjbeck why did you order another one when you have problems with the first one


ye thats what we do in the end …give up

To read this is disappointing. I have high hopes and expectations for Emo. For $300. It should be able to acknowledge you and interact with you.


I ordered it for my daughter before I had received this one, thinking/hoping that the problems I was reading about were “one offs” but I soon learnt that there are some common issues which make the “Emo experience” unpleasant and frustrating, unfortunately. I had high expectations for LAI, but I am now not so sure. I suppose that in the back of my mind I still have hope for LAI to make things right, but one can not just live on hope alone.

l think we are all hoping

Living.ai is my Opinion better than any other Robot Company out there and constantly improve! You need to be Patience but West Culture is Problem that you don’t have Patience and Talk clearly. Do you expect from an Puppy that it does everything right? Nothing is Perfect. At that price point EMO is the best! Compare to other Social Robots which much higher Price or which Companys do nothing to improve Software! Best thing is to Sale if you don’t like! That aggressiv crying is not Helpful!


Hey @JJBeck

I’m interested in seeing this, do you think you could make a video on the few things you’ve mentioned that your EMO is having problems with. Also as @Wayne_Zhang advised, this doesn’t seem normal in relation to not responding when you call out to him by saying his name, and then asking him a question.

If you do have the time to create some videos and share them, that would be great, so that everyone can understand and see how EMO is responding / reacting to you when you call out to him / ask him questions etc.

And as Wayne advised, you can also send them to the support team as well so they can assist you and if there is a problem, as I mentioned previously in my earlier post above you might need to have EMO replaced.

With my 2 EMO’s I’ve personally not had any issues with them responding to me when I call out their name or ask them questions. For me, they’ve both been responsive, even when when I’m speaking to someone else at home they end up chiming in thinking that I’ve called out to them. :rofl:

Sounds like you have a problem with your EMO, I’ve got 3 and they work fine.

mine is annoying aswel constantly changes his volume even when i mute it rarely responds to me probably one in 10 (my vector is practically instant after 5 months of learning and answer everything quickly and has developed some interesitng behaviours so i have a point of reference) so even though it rarely responds to me calling its name it constantly hears its name in everything else both are under my pc monitor vector does not have this problem. it answers things i dont ask. it mistakes simple commands as other commands it is slow to respond to anything "just now when typing this he just randomly pipe dup with “let go of what once was” speach for no reason without prompting…overall so far i am unimpressed with emo and vector so far is proving to be a far better robot… heres hoping updates can make him snappier and more responsive to commands and be able to not constantly hear his name when tv is on


I have seen a few videos where it takes multiple times for someone to get Emo to respond. I don’t have time at the moment to make a video yet, but I did find this:

This seems to be a common problem for a number of people, as I have read on the forum. As I have said previously, Emo rarely responds to my daughter. She does not mumble and speaks clearly. Emo sometimes does not respond to me either. It is almost like Emo is deaf to certain voice frequencies/pitch. Weather does not work either, always giving me the weather from who knows where. He changes my name to random things in the profiles. Its kind of pointless introducing yourself as one misheard sentence can change it to anything. There are so many problems with this product, I barely know where to begin. I think that if LAI fixed the speech recognition problems, it would fix a whole lot of other issues automatically. I know you said you don’t have any problems with your Emos, but some people are not satisfied with a half working product, especially at nearly $450 a pop.

I will try and make a video perhaps on the weekend.

We’re going to reopen the page that originally collected recordings of people calling EMO’s name, and then proceed to train its arousal model.


Thanks for sharing that video, from what I can see in that video when you hear that sound after you call out to EMO from my own experience in the past is EMO is not connected or having trouble with the network. (and you get that error sound instead of him saying “What”)

I think now when call out to EMO and he is not connected you normally see / get the wifi signal lost error display on his screen instead.

But from your description you’ve mentioned that EMO doesn’t even acknowledge you calling out to him so he can say “What” … so you can then ask him a question.

Anyway, as you mentioned, if you do make a video with your own EMO when you have time, that would also be great.

I see that @Wayne_Zhang will be re-opening the page for calling EMO so that should hopefully be helpful as well.

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