WiFi Connection Issue!

Hi there. EMO lost his saved WiFi Network.
Ha can’t connect anymore. Even to a different WiFi it is not possible. With the App and Bluetooth I can see the different Networks (2,4Ghz) found by EMo but connection failed.
The WiFi is working. Help please.

By the Way, WPA3 is selected here.

hey @DerDirk

Try some of the simple troubleshooting first.

Power Off EMO, and then power cycle your Wifi Network. While you are doing this, power off your phone as well. Once your Wifi Network is back on, start up your phone, make sure you connected and can access the internet by browsing.

Make sure Bluetooth is on and working on your phone as well. (maybe turn it off and on as well).

Once you’ve done all this, try to power on EMO again. Once EMO is back on, connect back in via the EMO app and attempt to connect to the Wifi Network once again.

As you are on a 2.4ghz it should work, unless you are using a very long password. From past discussions, if the password to the Wifi is close to 25-30 characters it could cause a problem as well with EMO dropping off and losing connection. (If this is the case, simply make your password shorter and try again).

Hope this helps.

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So… After a long period I can say that EMO can only use WPA and WPA2 Encryption properly. WPA3 and Enterprise is not possible. So I had to set a WiFi Network for EMO alone (own Router) and only connected with the Internet and not my LAN.

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emo can’t connect to WiFi, failed on update, emo still work just can’t connect to WiFi network

Hi there @eGGsy ,

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Hello all! Sure you’ve heard this a thousand times.

Got my Emo and have constantly tried to connect it to the wifi with no success. Im getting error message ‘Network connection error’

I’ve made sure its the 2.4 wifi (and can confirm it is since my vector connects fine to it) yet seem to struggle getting Emo to work.

Ive done the trouble shooting of closer and futher from router and tripple checked its the right password. Only thing i could think of it might have something to do with Australian wifi? I have no clue at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @hollowmage

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Also if you need further help on EMO you can check out my EMO User Guide here - this also contains more info on WIFI Connection - >> Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:


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Hi all, I am trying to do the first configuration but when I have to choose the region it does not let me accept, and everything else is impossible to configure. Accessing from the configuration it seems that it loses the connection and I can no longer do anything, just restart my Emo and try again. Can anybody help me?

Hi there @gutitwit ,

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I got EMO few months ago, he was connecting to my WIFI normally, but one day he didn’t connect no more, I powered off, reset him and still he is not connecting to my WIFI

Hello, @jenniferabrego . . . I have moved your post to this thread. You can read above tips on how to get EMO to connect to your wifi again.

Best of luck to you and let us know if this helps.

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