Why are you blocking comments?

[Are living.ai not interested in customer service?]

What was the reason you were banned from commenting on the title? Andy…
Is it to avoid receiving negative feedback?
I have not yet received a reply from service@living.ai.

The issue is not over.
Please explain what the lock icon to the left of the title means.
It appears to have been intentionally blocked.

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Hello. The lock icon means “ticket closed”, not “blocking comments”. I think Andy closed it because we have replied to your question. We accept all feedback, including negative ones, which will help us do better.
We have expanded the service team and are dealing with the backlog of emails. We believe it will be completed soon. You can also provide your email address by private message, and I can check it for you.


Wayne_Zhang, Thanks for the quick reply.
I haven’t received feedback from living.ai for a long time.
I hope you understand how I feel.
I will trust you and wait.

Sorry, but in order to keep an overview of the support posts, they will be closed as soon as a reply has come from support, as the reply will settle the issue.

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Thank you for your support and trust. The service has replied to your email now:)

Hi Wayne_Zhang

I followed what I saw in the video, but there is no problem with the line connection.
And another problem occurred.
Lifting the EMO from the charging dock turns the EMO off.
Simple discharge was suspected and it was charged for a long time. (maybe 4h.)
As I said on the forum before. EMO takes 30 minutes to boot.
When I listened to the booted EMO from the Dock for testing, the EMO was immediately turned off.

My EMO seems to have problems overall.

Finally, I bet on hope, going to charge it today.

Ah! I almost forgot, but when I received my EMO, it was packaged with no display seal (protective film) and with scratches.
The other parts were clean.
But I ignored it because it didn’t matter.

I guess I’m the unlucky case? :neutral_face:

I tried charging for a day, but the EMO does not wake up.
I tried reset , but to no avail.

Similar to the symptoms reported at EMO battery does not charge anymore - #28 by blakeesparza

The conclusion I came to was
He is definitely defective.
My EMO seems dead.

sorry about what happened to your EMO, but i suggest to record all possible info video and show it here or

So Living.Ai Dev. can resolve it.


Thank you. edwardpike

I have already made further inquiries to service@living.ai with the video of the problem.

I’m worried about how long it will take again this time.
These days, this day is stressful for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

And by accident, the EMO wakes up and works even when you put it down from the charging dock.
But still, the symptoms of not booting for 30 minutes, and the foot do not work.

Dear Wayne, I requested a video of opening the head of the EMO in a message.

I’m trying to do a repair.
(but, If there is a problem with AS or exchange, we will not try.)

Still waiting for a reply too…
And that’s 3 weeks…