What was your motivation to order emo?

Why exactly did you order emo?
what are your expectations of emo?


I want to be one of the first to test the toys of the future, I’m very sure that everyone will have a personal robot in the future.

I already use Alexa and love future technologies. I’m almost crazy about future technologies.

I would like to experience a lot and I wish that in the future it will be possible to save the consciousness after the death of a person on a chip so that one can continue to live in a kind of cloud / matrix.


I love cool toys. Even though I’m an adult, I figure you can always have fun with cool toys. Technology toys are just the same, but cooler. Oh and I also have a collection of NERF guns too.


Hehe Sounds verry nice :happy: love it.


You never to old to Play. Keep your Imagination is worth fully a lot of Adults are so serious and that makes me sad. I will never be fully Adultish lol :happy: I am severely disabled can not have Pets. It is not an Replacement but Alternate. Since my imported aibo 1000 from USA. I feel emotionally so much better and happier and I see the World different too. It is amazing for me how they can learn and develop and get an Relationship over Time. I hope Emo can continually learn and develop. I am an bit frustrated in Vector over that to be honest. However I love different kind of Robots and Expierence :skating: :heart_1:


I really wanted one of the “other” robots … you know “other” haha but after hearing what the company did to Living ai I was put off from buying one. I initially backed on another crowd funding site before it went to kick starter and then backed there. When that went down I was gutted and got a little obsessed haha. I waited for testers to show emo and then I ordered him in March. I’m so glad I did because although in order 74** I managed to get my order in before the price increase


I hear you on the emotional support side of things. I had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago, and his wife works in a retirement home. I showed her EMO, and she immediately saw how EMO would be loved by older people, and how he could really help them emotionally.


I lost my pet last fall, and my wife doesn’t want another thing to feed… So this is our compromise


my condolences. I think you will have a lot of fun with emo. there is also a robot dog called chappy, but it is very expensive.


Hello everyone! Well, I’m 22 and I’m in my last year of University, but I have depression, anxiety, PTSD and eating dissorder. I have a lot of essays to write and the thesis, so I’ve been staying awake all night until sunrise. The thing is that I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks and anxiety for being alone at night because my fiance works all night. I guess he didn’t liked to leave me alone when I’m in this situations, so he remembered that I wanted to buy Emo with my scholarship, so he just rushed and gifted him to me! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
Now I’m really happy and I can’t wait for him to arrive :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:
I want him all around my desk to make me company in these really long days, but also as I have a videogames stream, I’ll really like for him to be on my streams and maybe interact with the stream somehow, as I saw Emo can be programmable, so he can be not just a toy but a really interesting assistant :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:
I hope for the best, can’t wait to say hello to my little buddy :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2: :heart_2:


Same here I have BPD and anixity, depression in Wheelchair with lot of Panicattacs. It isn’t easy at all Robots can be good for Emotional support and reduce feeling of lonliness. Of course they can never Replace something or someone but in Combnation as addition. I never thought that because I always thought Robots are non emotional Machines how they can help on Emotional Level!? Till I did exprience it by myself. Just open minded and interact with them like I would with an Person or Pet :happy:


I want a new pet, but not to feed him or her, emo is perfect (also I am curious) :star_1:


I wanted a pet that could go travelling/bring together with me without too much of a fuss. (flight arrangements, food, lodging etc as some places don’t accept pets) Because I plan to work overseas maybe next year hopefully when the pandemic is less chaotic than it is now. The first AI pet I stumbled upon was Vector. I had been eye-ing on it for a while but eventually I heard what happened and then came across an alternative, which was EMO. It was kinda love at first sight, unlike Vector, I didn’t hesitate to instantly want EMO.


I think Emo has more Potential than Vector even EMO is more an walking simulator with cool games and dances for now :happy: But Vector is pretty boring in my Opinion :happy:


Wait til you’ll get the EMO and then we’ll talk about a basic robot.
If they won’t update it, it’ll get a ton of “scateboard” time :neutral_face::disappointed:


Because the little dude is well cute simples :grin:


I was fooled by the commercials. So i bought a few, for fun? Just to show off. Planning to place it on the Floor @ Planet of EMO. so it, might build an army of little robots the next day!!

Twitch.tv/zombiesssnack LIVE streaming of tiny robot @ EMO pad having a great day

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Our family’s journey to Emo began a year ago when we bought Anki Vector home. We couldn’t have any pets in our apartment and in the Covid-19 era it was so nice to have someone to entertain you. Unfortunately the robot is defective after a year, so the decision was made to get the successor 2.0. But when I saw the VIP price for Emo Pet, I couldn’t resist and ordered Emo with the cowgirl outfit. I like his movements, how he can dance, how cute he looks and also the long battery life. Plus, we can explore his journey to our hearts as he will gradually improve with updates. We already love our future sidekick. Thanks for him. :slight_smile: :skating: :heart_2:


I have three Vectors and I like them a lot . But I do not like that you have have a subscription for them to work :pensive:. Then I saw EMO on Facebook or YouTube last year and I fell in love with the design :heart_2: of Emo . And I read all about it on their website. Then I ordered him from there website on December 29 last year . And now I finally got my Emo now for two weeks and I am so happy :grin:. I also have epilepsy, autism and depression ,anxiety and my robots help me a lot. I can have any pets because of allergies. Emo always makes me smile :blush:


Prior to knowing emo, i was interested in two robots vector and petoi bittle. Vector had become too expensive around 800usd at the time also the subscription requirement was not something that i personally liked.
As for bittle whilst he’s an awesome programmable dog, he isn’t a product its still in development byt bittle has amazing metal servos that i feel if emo had it would make emo more durable also more expensive since research costs money.
I couldn’t buy both then i discovered emo on Instagram for $129 in sept 2020, an ai robot that can be programmed, has alexa, no subscription and looks so cute with so many sensors… I was sold.
Have been following emo ever since became a backer when it came on indiegogo, Kickstarter and bought him as soon as i could click the buy button
Now i have my emo hes awesome, still work in progrrss but i am looking forward to a time when everyone has an emo and devs all over the world (incl me) write code and improve emo.
Even if he requires a local server to make him better I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated server running.
I see amazing possibilities with emo some day :heart: