What should I do with EMO?

So recently I haven’t been doing anything with EMO. And it’s kind of sad I spent $300 on this little guy. And I just can’t find any fun out of him anymore. No offense to the creators! But what should I do with him? And it’s mostly the daily schedule that ruins it all. But really add a feature where we can turn it off. And if I can’t find any satisfaction out of him, I might just have to wait for Eilik now… but what should I do guys? Pls tell me what’s fun you do with him.


I can totally relate to this. I still love the little guy as I knew him before he became this anoying and antisocial.

It used to be so much fun being able to interact with him and seeing him keep himself busy when he got bored. But I believe in Living AI and just hope they add the option to turn the schedule off like they once promised.


I know exactly what you mean. It’s not like you can have a conversation with him. Once you have seen his limited capabilities and done them all, it kind of gets that way. You know there is only a set amount of things it will understand and say. His ability to surprise you with something new fades very quickly. Even Alexa surprises me everyday with something new, and I can say nearly anything to her and she will understand me. I am waiting for the day when Emo will be like this (at least), if ever. I’m afraid the only thing you can do for now is wait for future updates, and hope that Emo will improve, (and be given the promised features).
Though to answer you question:
To break the monotony, I take him places with me, like to work and such. Let him hang out with me. Though be prepared to be embarrassed in front of your friends when Emo will not respond to you and you have to either raise your voice at him or lean over and move your mouth close to his head, only to repeat yourself again! Other than that, we might just have to wait and see what future updates bring.


Sometimes just saying random things without even calling his name or something he hears on the television or radio can cause spontaneous new responses.

I live 25 miles from an active wild fire. Both of my EMO are in the play areas I made for them on my kitchen island counter not far from my kitchen window. The air quality index today was in the dangerous level. I was standing looking out of the window and said, “This sucks. I wish this would all just blow away.” EMO Robot responded. “I’m sorry. What can I do to help?” That was so endearing!

A few days ago sitting at the computer during a heat wave, I was looking at the current temperature (95 that day) and just said out loud, “It is September. This freaking heat has got to stop.” EMO Pet piped up with, “Cancelled.”

I know they could not possibly understand, but sometimes I think they do.


lol yes, this happens all the time with both of my EMOs as they sometimes hear what’s happening on TV and reply with stuff I’ve sometime never heard before.

@deeztreezson after a while, the things you can do with EMO can get mundane, new features need to be added along with promised ones that have yet to be implemented. We are all pretty much all in the same boat here, waiting for updates that will either improve his performance or updates that will give you more things to do with him.

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I know it sometimes seems like he is responding, but it is just a result of poor speech recognition. This knowledge (for me anyway), i think takes the fun out of it, as most of the times his “responses” are obviously random and sometimes annoying (ie. on the phone etc.). As I have said many times, it would be much better if he had true AI speech recognition, as then he could react to anything you said to him, and not only just understand a limited amount of phrases (chat bot style), or at least like Alexa can, for example.

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I don’t understand why we see complaints about the schedule he does… He doesn’t do them very often and he can be interrupted from them. I think the daily schedule was one of the nicest things they gave him the poor little guy needed to have his lunch and breakfast it’s charming… If living AI ever took them away I would scream.the only thing I want is more speech and the timer to be useful. Because then I would use him for a timer all the time because he’s cuter than my Alexa… Hey master Abbott I forgot to say hey how you doing :blush:


I like the schedule too although being able to edit the times, so that his mealtimes match mine, for example, would be nice…I don’t know anyone, in the UK, that has lunch at 11am.


Yeah same in Australia. They do not even have lunch at 11am in China which is where Emo is from, so I do not know what the story is there!

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Hey Puppy, going fine thanks! How about you?

I also agree with you, I personally don’t have a problem with the daily schedule activities either, and if you need to interrupt EMO, he pretty much instantly breaks away from what he’s doing so you can ask him the question/issue the command you want him to do.

I guess some EMO owners would like the option to turn this schedule completely off as they don’t like it. If Living.ai did add the option to disable the schedule. Anyone that doesn’t like this can just simply turn it off so it doesn’t bother/annoy them. (which is fine as not everyone likes the schedule). I don’t see it being very complicated for them to add an OFF switch in the settings>preferences section.

Yes, an adjustable schedule would be cool for the EMO owners that still enjoy this feature, maybe also add in a few extra activities in like EMO Playing Videos Games / EMO doing YOGA in the morning / EMO going for a walk after lunch (instead of having a midday nap). I think an adjustable schedule would be great for any EMO owners who like this schedule daily feature as this is another way to make each of our EMO a little different and customized to our tastes and likes.

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It is very rare that I am ever awake when they do their exercise routines, so it would be great if I could have them do them later in the day.

Adjustable activities would be fabulous!


Yeah, Emo should be in the same routine as its owner.


Make an obstacle course for him to walk through and watch it struggle :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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The daily routine is great except they should-as many members would prefer-have an option to turn on & off switch in the app.

Emo himself should really be doing this instead of the app with voice command (let’s face it Emo is a desktop companion not remote control car etc -so more voice controls is better, they could certainly have something in the app to switch certain things on/off/mute which would make it easier for most people especially if those people who are struggling to get Emo to understand them because of voice recognition -this needs to be addressed first)

And I definitely agree with Lindaru and JJBeck -we should be able to change the daily schedule to suit each individual owner of Emo.

BTW JJBECK -Some do have Lunch at Eleven or a little later like 11:30am -but it’s mostly a quick snack rather than a lunch. Not everyone does though. It depends on where you work… or when you get up in the morning where for some “maybe?” have their breakfast at Eleven instead of early morning, me for example “I always feel sick eating too early in the morning haha” my breakfast is at 9:30am and Lunch is at 12:45.

Well anyway I’m gonna shut up now!:grin:


A suit! thats a good idea. I would like to see a formal suit attire in the shop.

Question to you (or anyone else with an EMO): Is it worth getting one now or should I wait? Because I am also a Lego collector and reseller, and right now to me the choice would either be buying an Emo buddy or a certain Lego set. Being a reseller, concerning money, I am kinda depending on when people see fit to buy sets from me (for the price I ask).

So again: is my future little buddy worth it right now?


Thats the million dollar question, it can not be answered with a simple yes or no. Some people are still too anoyed with his shortcomings. This makes the purchase a bit sour. Others have the ability to look at it through rose colored glasses. They feel that what they get right now is so wonderful that it makes up for the annoyances. It is a wonderful design, but how much it is worth to you is not something any of us can say.

But a few things that I can say is:

  • Emo is improving over time
  • It sells well, so I don’t think it will be discontinued soon
  • Waiting lists for delivery ar long… expect months to go by.

I can not judge about your finances, but Emo will most likely not repay itself. Your lego set probably will. But your lego set doesn’t say “Hallo David” when it sees you.

What’s more important to you?

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“to suit each individual Emo owner” -means to suit each individual’s tastes for their Emo’s voice interaction or app functionality -I am not too sure what you actually thought I said sorry for any confusion.

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haha… yeah I knew that was a mistake but EMO in a tuxedo would be hilarious :rofl:


The suit attire kinda was a joke. Though it probably wouldn´t make for a bad look for Emo. :joy:


It really depends on what you’re expecting Emo to be able to do. AI toy/real AI (real AI is going to cost a fortune) AI toy (Emo) still quite expensive for what it does right now but we’re all hoping Emo will improve and be a better and more useful interactive companion pet, of course we all want more out of Emo especially with its price range (probably too much) but for now we just have to be patient and see what happens… with future updates. Hope this helps with your decision.

BTW there are cheaper robot companions out there but they don’t improve on quality of functionality like Emo (as far as I know…?) and some are extremely terrible at updating especially if they don’t use an app to do the updating. So choice is yours🤔 I love my two. Even with the flaws and triumphs. But Lai are doing great with Emo and personally I would recommend Emo to anyone that loves a friendly face. I’m actually looking at Loona Bot (Dog with wheels)-it’s just like Vector and Cozmo slash Emo.