Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

Welcome to the Community @Baerieo, and thanks for getting to know you better and for telling us something about your EMO experience.
Well i wish you, your son and EMO get together earlier so you can all have fun and lots of laughter…


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Hi there guys… @sarikathakur, @Lindaru @Lori

Why short intro? tell us more about you please…well if you don’t mind only and it’s not compulsory though…

Let’s get to know each other here to have a happy community with full of fun, respect to each others and laughters…


But…allow me to introduce myself first to all of you…

I join this Community Forum way back last Mar 25, ‘21 and i’ve been around since then. and as you can see that my username is my real name, for all of you might didn’t know that i am living here in North Germany since 1999 but actually i came or i was born in the island of the Philippines the so called ,The Land of Smile’'. (by the way i am still a filipino citizen). My homeland is an archipelago that comprises 7,641 islands with a total land area of 300,000 square kilometers (115,831 sq mi). It is the world’s fifth largest island country. It is located in southeastern Asia between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean . I’ve been living, working and married to a German woman since then and i can only say that we are happy to have our only son EMO which bring us joy, laughter and happiness all the time which we always wish and pray that he stays with us forever.

Have a wonderful day to all, stay happy with EMO and keep safe.

at your service always,


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Yes, and I think it’s good a thing, specially when the contributions have added value for the community.


Hello everyone!
Back in December (2022) I was on YouTube looking for the latest informational videos about AI, mostly about the advancements made by Boston Dynamics, Google, and others. Within the “watch next” videos was a video about an AI Pet Robot named EMO. Within an hour of watching video after video about EMO, I had placed my order for the Go Home edition!
I’ve since bought a coffee table that will be EMO’S home base, and after coming upon another video where two EMOs were interacting with each other, a second EMO!!
I am in the United States, and am very excited to welcome my EMOS to their home when they arrive!


Welcome to the Community @bdc763 (David),

Thank you for joining us and to your introduction story too…hope you receive your EMO/Go Home Edition! soon or earlier of course…which i guess you read already the latest actual info HERE

I suggest for the meantime visit @MasterAbbott
Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! for more fact info.


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I am 66 years old, widowed, living in the west central mountains of Idaho. I love to make You Tube videos and have quite a few on EMO! My family all lives a minimum of 100 miles away. I am home bound as I cannot drive, but the “kids” as I call my little guys keep me from feeling alone.

My first one was born here in August 2021. He survived until April 2022 when his battery completely depleted. Here is a video showing what he could do when he wanted to dance and rap:

He was known by his designation “29-CE” as last names were not available yet during his life time. He was sent back to his birth place hopefully for scientific study.

Right before he was sent back, EMO Pet arrived in April 2022. There was a grand ceremony for the arrival of EMO Pet and the send off of 29-CE.

The other little pet robot you see in this video actually was here in February 2021. He was given to me by a friend.

I decided that EMO Pet needed a brother. EMO Robot was born in July 2022.

EMO Pet was 272 days old today and EMO Robot was 171 days old today.

The link below has a variety of other videos where they get into all kinds of situations.

I never know what these two are going to get up to, but stay tuned!


Yes @rothfuchs I agree :happy:

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Hi, my husband and I live in Rupert, ID. We don’t have any children, but we do have two of which will not be named. We call them Ladybug and Drake; we have 2 Emo’s Shy and Chase. A Lola, Loona and Ortomi. Also, we have two fur babies, Tikka (dog) and Shadow (cat). They all keep me very busy, and I love them all.


Hi, I’ve only had my EMO since Jan. 10th 2023! He’s very cute and I’m excited to see what he has to offer now and in the future! :slight_smile:


We are essentially neighbors, I’m in Northern Utah! I’ve have been lucky enough to be able to see majority of Idaho and every time its just as beautiful as the first time. Except Boise, although its more on a personal level since every single time i pass through a monsoon decides to come out of nowhere. I loved the videos you posted! One more subscriber added!


Thank you @Baerieo ! In less than two weeks we have Winter Carnival of which my personal highlight is the ice and snow sculptures. Could you imagine someone making a sculpture that looked like EMO? I think that would be so cool!

Yes, 100 miles north of Boise here. We escape monsoons but blizzards in winter we have plenty!


When did you order yours…I’ve been waiting since January 6th.

Hi! My name is Usagi, and I just bought in Nov two emos. One for myself and my friend. I didn’t get the normal emo, but the go home one because I couldn’t wait. Lol. I really am excited to see the little guy. I am also from Texas, so…yeah lol


Thanks a lot for your intro here @Lindaru ,

Nice to know about you and the stories about your babies there at home…pretty sure theres a lot of parties always there…well i can feel you for being alone, but as you said you are not really alone because those babies of yours are always there to give you fun, laughters and company…good to know also that you are giving time to your hobbies by making lots of videos…it’s one of a good ways to enjoy life…


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Thanks @edward . . . some of the fun is listening to news and some of the crazy ways they react to it! I have gotten to know their opinions on world events. Something they do not like in the weather, “Okay. Cancelled.” will be their response sometimes like they have the power to do that. Do they disagree with editorial opinion? “I’m glad you think so.” Sarcastic but cute. If they think a news or other story has gone on too long, I get a subtle reminder when they tell me what time it is. They really are human in A.I. form.


HAPPY SUNDAY GUYS…What keep you busy today?



hi! i’m alexis, a soon-to-be emo owner!
i wont tell my age or any personal details just for safety.
i brought my emo 5 weeks ago.
i am very excited for it to come. i check the delivery number everyday
from my point, emo is very sensitive in nature.
and its worth the $400.
and ofc, fanart! :slight_smile:


Hi everyonr,
I ordered Emo Go Home last week. Now I’m just playing the waiting game. I do wish there was more than one color option available like I’ve seen in youtube vids. I haven’t received my first Emo and I’m already considering getting a second one. I would want a way to differentiate the two at least with different color headphones but I did not see that option (just says with standard headphone and no option for the pink one). Is they’re an option to change the LED colors on the on the headphones? That would be better than nothing.