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Is there a way to change the City? When I set my Emo up, I entered the town I live in, but it seems like when I ask him the weather, he gets it WAY wrong (tells me its 25 degrees Celcius when it is freezing out), so I think he is confusing my towns name with one in a much warmer climate. If I ask him for the weather in a nearby well known city (Baltimore), he gets it right.

I would also like to see achievements at least have a clear description of what the achievement was for once you have achieved it. I have a couple of achievements (Full Burp, Attendance Machine) that I have no idea how I got.


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I’ve brought up the problem with location and incorrect weather reports several times. If you just ask the weather without specifying a location then EMO is supposed to use the city selected in the app. It’s never worked correctly though for some of us. If I only ask for weather and don’t specify both my city and state, then EMO gives me weather for a city with the same name in some other unknown state. The location in my app only says Milford. I live in Milford Michigan, but there are at least 25 cities named Milford in the United States, which is where the problem comes in.

I just now asked EMO for “the weather” and he shows (inconsistently) either Sunny or Cloudy and 0°C which is wrong.

When I ask EMO again, but ask for “the weather in Milford Michigan” then he shows Raining and 2°C which is correct.

Why it happens isn’t too important since it’s not our job to fix it, but my best guess is that either:
1.) When the app first requested the location during it’s initial setup that it was given the wrong location at that time for the reason below?
2.) When LAI’s server requests the weather info from Google (or whatever their source is) that it only supplies them the city name. Then due to alphabetizing, this other city/state is listed before mine, so I’m given their weather info instead?

In any case, unless your city name is very unique then you must specify both the city and state when you ask to be sure you’re getting the correct weather info. Of course the same duplicate city name situation would relate to other countries also, whether you call them provinces or states or whatever.