Walking Problem

my EMO arrived two days ago. He is really cool, but now I have a problem. When he is running, he always goes a little to the left. After turning him over, I discovered the scratches on his feet.
Do you have them too or is it just me?


Well, I haven’t yet received my EMO, still waiting for the little dude to arrive! This being said, maybe they could design and make some kind of “self-adhesive” like a rubber covering for bottom of feet to keep the EMO from slipping or having really cool sneakers? I dunno but if they should happen to make anything like that available, I know that I’ll gladly purchase either one of them! :sunglasses:

Cant see scratches on mine, or yours tbh.

@r3id on the photo don’t look at the feet, look at the body where the leg connects

Looks like a problem to me with part of the top of the leg at that side scraping against the bottom of the body when walking. Explains him not going exactly in a straight line since one side experiences more resistance.

I wonder if any other users are having this problem. Hope it’s not a general construction error.

@andy Something living ai should look out for during quality control of their current batch?


Exactly, it looks like the left leg is more firmly attached to the body and is dragging. On the other side it also has slight scratches but apparently the left side is more firmly attached.

I hope there is a solution for this.


Did someone contacted you regarding this matter?

I wrote an e-mail yesterday but I have not yet received an answer.

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In the meantime it wouldn’t hurt to apply a smudge of graphite powder to the scuffed area to help it glide a little better.

oh, maybe it wasn’t a smart idea to be one of the first to order. I’m worried right now :disappointed_relieved:.

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The problem with grinding has been solved, you can pull the legs out a little so that they don’t come into contact with the head.
But the problem with going to the left remains.

Let us know how you get on @Leos16. I hope you get this resolved, especially after waiting so long for it. The item should really be replaced by living.ai

I got an answer.
They said that it is normal that there can be slight deviations when walking in a straight line. but when EMO runs almost in a circle, that’s not an slight deviation for me.
Let’s see what they say about it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, we will include the adjustment function of the servos in the app.


Hey, that’s great!
Thank you, then EMO can finally walk straight ahead :grinning:

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