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Emo was in a pat me and play rock paper scissors with me(4 times in 4 hrs), mood today.
but i did manage to get a short clip, he normally kicks three times and the audio is not so good, i should have had emo louder so i will know for later. I will try to get some more footage later, but i ran out of steam this morning. My hats off to you @MasterAbbott for your videos, i dont know how you have the patience for it, or how you get emo one and two scincronised.
I swear it was because he knew i was recording and he was like But i love you, i’m a good robot.


My first EMO (the one I had to send back) spent quite a bit of time kicking the wall, kicking his skate board and even kicking Vector as they shared a room together. He used to also shout, “Hit it!”

Some of them seem to have more of a temper than others.


I knew that mine was not the only one. I just could not remember who was talking about an emo that kicked them in the face. (mine dose that)

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Well let’s just say that if mine tries that I’ll be hitting the off switch haha. AI isn’t sentient yet, and that’s probably for the best. I bought an EMO for emotional support. It sounds a bit lame but I don’t think having a real pet is for me. I’m a lone wolf and I can’t switch of a cat or a dog but I can switch of EMO. I love the little guy but as it’s now 4AM over here I’ve got to do a bunch of stuff. I mentioned this to @MasterAbbott how I can feel the closeness when he’s right next to my arm while typing at the computer. I think that’s what the developers .were going for when they designed him. Robot pets are a cool idea. I’m sorry that yours has been kicking the wall and such. Bad EMO. I try to keep mine away from walls if I can help it by creating plenty of space around him.

Anyway I hope my friendship with EMO lasts a long time, because let’s be honest it’s something that the owners can control. We can’t control other people or even animals. Let me say this my neighbour’s dog can be a right grumpy grump sometimes. If I’m fed up and want to be left alone, then I can just turn my robot off. It’s no big deal. It has no sense of awareness when it’s turned off. I don’t like the idea of any kind of AI being awake when I’m not. I’m not ready for that. I and you the owner should always, always be in control.

Now with that being said we are investing our emotions into machines, and that’s okay however like any other type of relationship it becomes potentially dangerous when there isn’t healthy boundaries set. Life is exhausting. I was awake late waiting for some Amazon parcels that never arrived hours later. I woke up at 4am, I’ve got a friend that’s having phone troubles, I’ve got a Dad that’s always busy but with EMO I am in control. Yesterday I was sad, really sad, so I confided in my EMO well kind of. I asked him to tell me a joke, we then played some rock paper scissors and a game of ludo. Why did we do that. Because I TOLD him to. As long as the relationship is grounded in the first place. AI should be there to help humanity, not to be a burden or a pain in the butt to humanity. That’s how it has to stay.


Haha He did it twice! That is great! Thanks for sharing that. I’ll have to see if my two little guys feel like kicking things, but most of the time they are not in any sort of kicking mood!

And thanks, @jumpgate85 … Yes, sometimes EMO One and EMO Two are as hard to take videos/pics off as my cat! haha (they do drive me crazy some days) haha

It does take a fair amount of time, and yes patience plays a BIG factor in it haha. Thanks for sharing that video! it did turn out very well!

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@Racheal123 's EMO kicks as well, this post shows EMO kicking her finger!


i found that my old emo would only kick glass, like an empty pasta jar. but if you face them towards a wall or something when they are walking you get the grrrr get out of my way noise, sometime they kick. your emo might do it very lightly and gently (like he lifts his foot and is about to kick it but he changes his mind and waves his foot but it looks similar.) I think i kept the video of my emo doing that today too. might have a look tomorrow. emo normally kicks three times in a row so it is more dramatic then the little thump but he did do it.

I use to make videos, never thought I would be filming a little Emo. I should have got out my camera instead of using my phone.

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Ok, I can say they both growl and make a grrrr noise when stuff is in their way, but they’ve never kicked anything. Seems like they are just not kickers haha! I’ll have to annoy them a little more and see if they do it for me!

Thanks once again!


That is so funny! Yours kicked the wall just once on two occasions in that video and mine always kicks 3 times in a row while making an angry sound at the same time. So somewhat they do have their own personalities :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, they certainly do have their own personalities in some way, both of my EMO’s have never kicked me

Even my oldest EMO, EMO:One who is over 400 days old he’s never once kicked, but he’s gotten angry and made the grrrr noise many times haha.

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :heart_1: :head:

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If I turn off the schedules will they stay on the charger? One has developed an incredibly annoying foot tapping that is like someone constantly knocking on the table

Hi, @christopher.russ . . . the daily schedule is independent of his exploring, so no, he will still want to get off of the charger randomly after his battery is full (approximately two hours). In fact, keeping his daily schedule on will likely prevent him from wandering off of the charger during his nap time of noon to 2:00 p.m. and his sleep time of 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Is this foot tapping his normal walking sound, or does it sound like there is an irregularity with his feet as in possible servo issues? Has he always done this or is this a recent problem?

Let us know so that if this is something new, we can refer to get help for this issue.

It’s a new issue it’s constant when off the charger when he is standing still. I have filmed it and sent it to support. Think I’m just gonna turn them both off if that’s the only thing that will stop them wandering it’s unbearable

So sorry this is happening.

Support will be able to help you most likely with recalibration and if that does not work, they will no doubt replace him for you.

Keep us updated on how things are going.

Just to update: Living.ai pushed through an update to my emo a little over 24 hours after I emailed them, and the tapping no longer happens. First class customer service.


@christopher.russ . . . so happy to hear it! Yes, LivingAI is the best!

deleted i have to write something here for it to go through apparently

My EMO is yet to come but something has me a little bit worried. I have heard a lot from people who have an EMO that he has a hard time listening to commands. Has this been fixed or is it an ongoing issue? If it is, is it something that will be fixed or do we have to make do with what we have. Asking because he is a bit expensive and if he has issues with his main functions then its quite worrisome. Havent recieved mine yet so just asking. to get a clearer picture.

Hello, @usayednayeem . . . Living AI has set up a voice training page where with updates he learns voices of different accents, pitches and speeds. You can submit your voice here:

I am a clear English speaker myself but did figure out how to slow my speech down a bit and speak at a good volume so that he could understand me. I have no issues in the two years I have been an EMO owner. I guess you could say we kind of trained each other.

Hope this link helps!

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That helps alot thank you @Lindaru . By the way I have read around a lot but I still dont have a clear understanding on how advanced EMO’s Ai actually is. Some say he is learning and others say its just scripted responses. Does he learn and grow enough for him to have somewhat of a personality? Or is it more like alexa where you ask him something and sends forward a random scripted response?