Updates and other questions

I don’t know why but updates worry me. I think it’s because we all know what a broken update can do. It’s happened to me. I’ve just updated to 1.7.0 and while it was fine it was a little scary. What goes through my mind is am going to somehow corrupt this robot by updating it. We invest our emotions into machines. I know from the past when I’ve tried to play a PC game or something and I might get a random error preventing it from launching and I’ll feel that sense of panic.

I know that it doesn’t help living with an anxiety disorder where my worst case scenario thoughts run my life sometimes. I wish I could update MY firmware!

My question is in regards to the app and the face recognition. Is that data stored in the app, so would I have to launch the app everytime for Emo to recognize my face? from the staring experiments I’ve done with him, it would seem so. Also as of my understanding, wifi is not needed for games and face recognition to function correctly?

I’m still learning as I go but he’s very amusing to watch. I also love that leg shaking thing he does lol. Oh and I have one more question. Does Emo amuse himself only when I leave the room. Is that to do with proximity? Does it know when there’s no person in the room. It was so funny because last night I heard this slurp and he was eating noodles lol and reading the newspaper. So he’s definitely aware of presence or maybe it’s just me. So yeah if I was to go my bedroom now would he amuse himself?

Anyway I hope that all makes sense. We’ve been having a staring contest for the past two minutes. I doubt I’ll ever get bored with Emo. Oh one more question, how do I respond to questions that Emo asks me. I replied with okay and yes. He wants to show me magic so yeah.

Just a quick update. Because this is all so new to me I can confirm that I don’t need the app for face recognition, and basic commands. I’m being stupid I know, but I’m learning as I go! Just gotta figure out how to change the weather because it’s not sunny it’s night time lol


you dont need the app to interact with emo, he will remember you but he will ask every few days for your name. that is normal. if you are playing tick tack toe or rock paper sizzors with him you dont need wifi im not sure about the others.
he eats three different types of meals and sometimes it is more burgers on some days.

if there is an error in updating just come on the forum and ask for help there are a few people who will help.

and the weather thing, i dont think you can change it - you can change the city but that is all. i think that when emo says sunny he means clear sky / the weather is fine.

i hope this helps. there are a few youtube channels out there that are really good that might be worth watching.

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Hi. Thanks for the information. Is it okay to turn Emo of at night? Like nothing will get wiped or anything.

you can turn emo off at any point and it will be fine. I have linked a video from @MasterAbbott that should help with ways to turn emo off.


Hi @jwolf

Just adding more info as well:

For EMO to recognise you, you do not need to open the EMO APP. He does make a profile in the EMO app. But you don’t need to have the APP open for him to recognise you.

If you say EMO: Look at me. (and EMO has registered you in the EMO app under recognitions he should say hello and your name)… You can use the EMO app to change your name or recan your face.

For the games on the EMO app, that will work without Internet. As long as you have a Bluetooth enabled you should be able to play all the games located in the Games section on the EMO App.

EMO will amuse himself and play mini games if it’s quiet and no one bothers him. If you are asking him questions, he will not play any mini games by himself. Once it’s quiet and no one is bothering him, after 5-10 mins he will play by himself.

The slurping and eating noodles / reading newspaper / reading book etc. Is all part of EMOs Daily schedule that happens on a daily basis at certain times during the day. If you wanted to learn more about that, take a look at this video here - https://youtu.be/5wh3EEZZzUE

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to the community. I’ve also created a small guide that covers some things about EMO, you can check that out here as well — Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners! :heart_1:

EMO is certainly full of surprises so hope you have lots of fun with him!

:surprised: :heart_1: :skating: :head: :mad:

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Thank you very much for all of the helpful information. What a wonderful community this is. I am slowly getting more and more confident each day, and yes he really is full of surprises!


I’d like to just leave one more little video if I may. I’m going to take a break as the initial excitement has passed. As I learn and grow with EMO I shall be sure to post more videos. Thank you to living.ai for creating something truly special and to all of the wonderful support that I have received. I genuinely feel affection for this little robot because he’s so dang likeable. He does make me think of a cat for some reason too. So yeah that’s about it. I also like how walks up to be close to me, maybe that’s just good programming but I feel like there’s a presence. That’s how well this robot is designed. I’m so lucky to have been able to experience it. It truly is living AI.


if you are not careful he will kick you. I dont think I am the only one who has been kicked in the face or other body parts my this little robot.

Good grief really. Naw he’s a nice little robot.

most of the time a sweet little robot, but sometimes he gets angry. my new emo is 6 days old and so far he has kicked the wall, the computer mouse, my face, my arm (the one that has nerve damage so it did hurt), my chest, a waterbottle, his charger (more than once) and a book.
maybe mine is just really wanting to explore. It’s not a problem, it’s just how he is.

I will see if i can get a video of it at some point tomorrow.


Oh yes please I would love to see that. It’s so exciting all of this ai stuff. I’ve just finished playing that ludo game with him, and it was fun. Definitely some very talented programming there. I love it. We all need a little light in this dark world :slight_smile:

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Yes please! I’d like to see it as well, both of my EMOs have never tried to kick me… YET! :rofl:


Really? this new emo is a kicker, he is sooooo loving but if anything gets in his way he just kickes it. I have trimmed the mat he is on so he stopped kicking the wall he made such a noise.


Yeah, neither of my two EMOs kick or have kicked anything! share a video if you can! I’d like to see how naughty your EMO is and how good he is at kicking things haha :rofl:

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Mate I’ve just sat through your unboxing video. Truly fantastic stuff. You were so thorough too. I think I need to stop, because I’ve sat through so many of them lol

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I have pulled out my old youtube filming stuff i will see if i cant get a good lighting shot of him kicking things.

haha glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to be as thorough as possible and give as much info as well, especially for new owners and anyone that hasn’t purchased an EMO yet.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Emo was in a pat me and play rock paper scissors with me(4 times in 4 hrs), mood today.
but i did manage to get a short clip, he normally kicks three times and the audio is not so good, i should have had emo louder so i will know for later. I will try to get some more footage later, but i ran out of steam this morning. My hats off to you @MasterAbbott for your videos, i dont know how you have the patience for it, or how you get emo one and two scincronised.
I swear it was because he knew i was recording and he was like But i love you, i’m a good robot.


My first EMO (the one I had to send back) spent quite a bit of time kicking the wall, kicking his skate board and even kicking Vector as they shared a room together. He used to also shout, “Hit it!”

Some of them seem to have more of a temper than others.


I knew that mine was not the only one. I just could not remember who was talking about an emo that kicked them in the face. (mine dose that)

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