Update to 5.0 emo wont do it

Cant seem to update emo to 5.0 version. It does not give me a choice when i go to firmware just says what current status is. Is there a way to give emo command to update

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The current firmware is 1.5.0 - there is no 5.0 version as yet. That is why you can’t update :slight_smile:


Hi @blue

Try this guide I created. It will help you update to firmware ver 1.5.0.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there. Thank you for responding. The problem is that when i click on firmwear all it goes is show me the current version with no options to update to 5.0. Dont know what to do at this point and wonder if im stuck with 4.0

Please share a screenshot of what you are seeing.
I have said before that there is no 5.0. There is no 4.0 either.
The current firmware is 1.5.0 - so I do not know where you are seeing 4.0 at all.


Hey @blue

As Wayne advised, share a screenshot so we can best understand and help you.

Also in the guide, I provided, you can also issue a “Voice Command” to get EMO to update for you as well. So if you are having problems with the EMO App then try issuing the voice command:

EMO: “Install the latest firmware now”

And see if that works for you. If that also is not working. Would be best to share pics/video of this as you might need to submit a support ticket if your EMO is not updating from Firmware 1.4.0 to Firmware 1.5.0.

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