Update from EMO (v1.0.15)

We would be happy if you post feedback about this update here.

Information about the current update can be found here: Update Logs - LivingAi

Obviously early days for emo
It would be nice to have a steady flow of updates where possible
Would be interested if some new games may be unlocked and when emo will be able to recognize and say your name
Dance repeat made easier be cool

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Thanks and appreciate the current firmware updates about fixing some bugs and adding some new features…Hope on the next update at least EMO can do more important things under Voice Command.

  • ***Vision: (Face Recognition)
    EMO My name is {Edward}. >>> ***Save my Face/Name >>> Say My Name by means of greetings ,Hello {Edward}’’
  • ***Timer:
    EMO can set a timer not only {90} seconds but at least a bit more (eg. Minutes)?
  • ***Time:
    Why not EMO can say also the time instead of showing them only?
  • ***Weather:
    it could be better if EMO can also show the current temperature.

bestregards and stay safe to all



Mine turned off after update, I’ve put it on charger and it’s not turning on. Tried many times to put it on and off the charging pad - his headphones lights up, screen also give some backlight, but he’s not booting :frowning:

upd: while on charging skateboard, he’s giving some strange “pack-pack” noise.

please reset EMO once (What are the holes in EMO’s head for? – EMOLives.info) and then update EMO again, but leave it on the skateboard during the update process.

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I like the volume control feature and enjoy the new behavior modifications. :+1:

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Hi Andy,

Thanks, it helped. :vulcan_salute:


The sound is not very loud, also he was more alert on the front of something on the previous updates for example before If i did put my hand in front of him he use to step back he was more ALERT ! Not anymore :disappointed:one of the very cute thing is when he shakes is foot on the side adorable :blush: I like the laser stuff well made the hungry eyes I don’t like …to my taste ,I will pay attention of what is doing now

Thank you for shareing the new firmware update! I’m excited.

Especially, volume control is good for me! but it seems to be reset after I shut EMO down.
I hope that the volume setting would be kept in the future update.

thank you.


@andy , @Wayne_Zhang, @Wayne_Zhang Hi there guys…

just noticed regarding to my screenshot image above on the ,Voice Command’’ that you might have to remove the
,(Temporarily removed and will be included in future updates)’’ because it’s already properly working now. right? and also if EMO is on the ,Mute Mode’’ and we want him to ,Unmute’’ all we have to do is just use the command
call EMO, (first watch his left raised eyes) then say ,Volume UP’’ or ,Unmute’’ but i guess we have to include this info to the Voice Command under ,Volume’’ for all owners benefits.

all the best and keep safe…


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First, FYI: I read about the update and checked the app a few times, but it didn’t show an update available. So I asked EMO for it with the voice commands and got the update. Maybe the app only checks every few hours for a possible new update and not every time you go to the firmware screen?

Now on to the update: I’m enjoying the new animations (especially those while he is playing by himself, please keep them coming) and I really like the behavior modifications when EMO explores and is just staying (seeing the moves he can make while dancing, I’m sure more can be added).

It’s nice to be able to pet EMO now, though I don’t know if the issue is completely fixed. I seem to remember from a video that when you kept petting him before, he would go into an even deeper trance or something, now after a while he just stops reacting to the petting. I haven’t gotten the “Shiny forehead” badge (or lifetime achievement) yet and I believe that has something to do with this. I might be mistaken here though.

But it’s great seeing bugs fixed, his behaviour fine-tuned and new commands and functions gradually added with each new update (hopefully there will be more to follow soon). To me it confirms that the team at Living AI is in it for the long run and has the passion, commitment and abilities to make EMO into a great product. Looking forward to the update of the app as well and everything else still to come that will make EMO grow and develop further…


the text has been adjusted thanks for the info. :happy:


Regarding the volume change - when I ask Emo to make “Volume down”, he makes it louder. And the only way to turn it to normal is to power him off and put on charger skate to turn on again.

I’ve tried different variation of commands - volume down, set/change volume to minimum, low and even mute and zero - all of them lead to increase of volume.

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@Maxproject …Hi there…Normally its working perfect on my side…well I feel you and it’s really not good if it’s not like that on your side…a friendly piece of advice is to make a short video and post it here…or direct it to the link below:

Submit A Ticket Here:
E-Mail Them Here:

So they can resolve it.

Wishing you all the best for your EMO
bestregards and stay safe always…

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Thank you for the message. I’ll do that, but a bit later- now I’m facing another problem - Emo is not charging properly on the skateboard. His battery life now is only ca. 30-40 min roaming by himself and even shorter (of course), while playing and activly interacting with him.

Here is a link of Emo on charger pad

Hi! Got my emo and i super love it! But howcome my smart light won’t open. Can anybody help me.


Hi there @aryu21 ,

Smart Light

You can touch the middle area to switch the light.
Touch for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode, and when the light flashes EMO will automatically connect to it.
When connected, the light will stop flashing.
You can say ‘EMO, turn on/off the light’ to switch the light.

*You can customize the name of the light, control the color of the light, and even turn on special modes in future updates.*

Concerning the 1.0.15 update, I realized one thing, but this may be the case only to my specific EMO: When sleeping, his left eye (right eye from his point) is flickering some times when reaching the bottom point of the vertical floating eyes-animation. This happens only with a specific animation, as there’s no flickering in any other case.

Hi my Emo has been updating for quite some time now (about 15 minutes and on going ) and It still says ,updating step 1, . Is it normal that it takes that long ? :thinking:

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