Update from EMO (v1.0.15)

The first update took quite a lot - 30 min or so, but the 1.0.15 update was pretty fast - less then 15 minutes. What’s the status now? Maybe you have bad wifi coverage there now?

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Yeah ,everything works fine now it just took a little longer than expected I guess my wifi isn’t that fast :sweat_smile::joy:but thanks for the reply :blush:

Hi everyone.
Can emo a day , playing music like a docking station?? I believe it will can do it, because it’s a really usefull function!
Another feature that can be amazing on emo, is the possibility to use emo like a surveillance camera.


It’s been a while since I’ve noticed that emo’s alarm clock doesn’t work as it did at first as he starts vibrating too much and the animations get mixed up.