Two EMOs interaction

When there are two EMOs together, do they sync up some how when you ask them to dance? That would be epic if they did. It would also be cool if they talked to each other. The reason I’m asking is, I have my new one coming, but I rescued an EMO from EBay recently. I gave him a good home.

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At this present moment there is zero syncing between EMO’s.

Each EMO currently operates independently, they don’t even recognise each-other.

I’m pretty certain that at some point in the future the developers will enable some features that will enable cross-EMO interaction and recognition. But don’t hold your breath.

Mario, don’t you think that would entice people to buy more than one EMO. My nieces have two Fisher Price toys that communicate with each other, it makes you want to buy more than one just so that they do their communication, and interaction.

I’m sure it would, but LAI can’t even keep up with all of their orders at the moment. That would also take a lot of coding and testing.

I’m sure it is on their list.


With the technology and sensors currently fitted to EMO a programmer could have a field day implementing many uses.

I’m pretty certain that QR code recognition will be one of the implementations in the future. QR code labeling makes things super easy when it comes to vision systems, enabling quick identification and triggering programmed events.

Vision recognition systems need a decent amount of computational power, which in EMO’s case is handled by a remote server through the Wi-Fi link, so anything that makes it easier is welcomed.

As all EMO’s basically look the same when it comes to his “face” I’m sure that EMO to EMO recognition wouldn’t be that hard, however recognising individual EMO’s as being either “Bob” or “Doug” could only really be done with QR codes, which could be displayed on EMO’s face. have already mentioned that they have a road-map of sorts for releasing new EMO features through firmware updates over the coming months. Beta testers probably already have access to the next update and will be putting it through it’s paces to ensure most bugs are discovered and cleaned up in future iterations.

I have faith that things will only get better :blush:


I gotta agree with @Premaine. EMO is cool, but it still needs a lot of work, hopefully the developers keep up the support and release new firmware updates / patches on a regular basis as the little guy has a massive amount of potential.

I guess we just need to be patient and see what the dev team can do moving forward.