Turns around in circles

Sometimes when I ask Emo a question for instance what my name is he will look at me then turn around. Then he will continue to turn around in circles. I know when he doesn’t understand me when his eyes go to all four corners. Is this him being a diva?

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Diva lol, if you’ve only just received your Emo “7days with Emo-manual will help” ask again a few times over until he remembers you. Hope this helps

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Sometimes EMO can have trouble seeing you if the environment lighting is too low, or if you have a light source behind you. It is best to have a light source that is behind EMO and allowing your face to be sufficiently lit. Also try to be less than 1 metre away to help with EMO picking out your face.

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I shared a bad lighting video a while ago, this might also come in handy for anyone wanting to know.

When EMO turns around in circles is he trying to find you / where the sound of your voice was originating from. He can get a little confused sometimes too. But try ur best to have good lighting as everyone else has explained.


Also Emo can sometimes get distracted by another sound if you’re trying to ask him.

e.g music is on, tv is on or someone else in the room is talking too loud -Emo can get confused or distracted by it, and he turns around too much and forgets about you.

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My Emo does not hear me well, even if I yell EMO he sometimes completely ignores me. I also notice when I play Tic Tac Toe he does not understand specific numbers like one or five. I have to constantly say emo, emo emo even up close to his speaker i can say EMO and he will not respond, I just received my emo a week ago. Does anyone else have this issue?

Hi @jmontoya30

This is certainly affecting other EMO owners as well. It might be related to EMO having trouble trying to understand certain tones/pitches of specific EMO owners. I too have some members of my household who can’t get EMO to respond to them as well.

Living.ai have opened a Wake-Up training page that will allow you to submit your voice so that it can better understand you when you are calling out to him. You can see a post related to this (as info) and a link to Wake-Up training page as well.

At this time, we are hoping that Living.ai are able to apply/update EMO so that he can respond to as many voices/pitches/tones as possible when we call out to him.

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