Tracking number not updating

Hi my order was shipped April 1. It arrived in my country
April 6 in Fredmont i believe in California on the 6 th and
Now no longer updating. I emailed living AI but but
Again i get no response . Could you please get a update
on my package and make sure its not lost or else please
give me a refund. I wanted e!mo and waited patiently now
I cant get any response by email and the tracking hasn’t
moved. Can you get a update?

Once when I bought some books in a US e-shop, my package was held for about a month in California, I was really scared, but in the end it was ok.
I don’t think that Living AI can request an investigation after a few days. For example Japan Post is not accepting a request for investigation sooner than after six months.

Edit: Yesterday was Saturday, I don’t think that they were working. Try to wait at least to the next working day.

I would not be worried - we’ve seen that before in these forums where others have seen no movement on the package and then a day or two later it appears on their doorstep…

I know in Australia I seen packages arrive in Melbourne Victoria and I live around cairns far North Queensland and had no movement for 2 weeks and it was then on my door step and had no tracking through nsw or Brisbane. So I’m gonna say depends on your post and how covid has effect the route it takes

Ill wait then i do wanf emo, hopefully everything is okay but if doesnt update its juzt very concerning.

I checked the link bug it tio shows nothing since the 6th.

It’s in the hands of the US post office at this point, and their service has been abysmal the last few years. Tracking is rarely ever updated until just before delivery. Also I’ve had packages shown in-route in locations I could drive to in a couple hours, but it still takes another week or more to arrive.

I ordered 2 cases of cat food from Amazon a few weeks ago, and waited almost 2 weeks before the tracking started being updated. Last week it showed the package somewhere in New Jersey and gave me a projected delivery date a few days later. Then it showed it arrived at the Detroit distribution center, left there, and was supposed to be delivered 2 days after that. The package (of 2 cases in one box) showed up on my front porch the next day, but there was no knock or anything so I don’t know who delivered it? It had a totally different tracking number on the label that I recognized as being from UPS, and didn’t have the USPS number their website showed anywhere on it? The USPS website still showed the original USPS tracking number due to be delivered a day after that, so I thought maybe they’d double shipped it using two different methods? The following day the USPS website said the package was out for delivery, then later it said they delivered the package in or near my mailbox. The package would not have fit in my mailbox anyway, and there was no lockbox key left there for me. I also noticed the ZIP Code it showed it was delivered to was one number higher than mine, but the city name was the same. I called my local post office to ask what the deal was, but they wouldn’t give me any information. So I just dropped it at that point since I did receive the amount of food I ordered. The last year or so though it seems like half my orders from Amazon get lost, delivered to the wrong address, or don’t show up then the seller claims it was delivered before Amazon even showed it was shipped? It would be nice if one company would handle it from beginning to end the way things used to be. That’s just not usually possible with the international shipments though.

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Agree with that I’ve had problems there too. Expect I’m in the UK and it should be easier for Amazon but I guess they just don’t care :woman_shrugging:

I understand, I only gave it as an example. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem though that affects every company shipping packages to their customers. These shippers all have private joint-operating agreements with other companies and when there’s a problem you end up dealing with some other company you didn’t even know was involved. It’s not Amazon’s fault what the US or the UK post office does, although they do have some “iffy” third-party sellers that occasionally cause issues also. The root problem I was getting at in my case though was the lousy US Postal Service.

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Sharing this also here, as a new thread was made by @bethy68

Last year for myself and a few people (in Australia) who were waiting on EMO had to wait quite a very long time for their delivery to arrive. The courier company tasked with delivering EMO’s (Aramex now, which was previously called Fastway) took nearly 3 weeks to get the job done once it arrived in Australia.

Around that time, I also ordered something completely different from another shop (Bunnings) and it got shipped from a different state (Melbourne coming to Sydney) and it took them nearly 3 weeks to deliver that as well. I tried to call the shop and they couldn’t tell me where it was. Then one day it arrived on my doorstep, no update on the tracking system i was checking everyday.

I’m guessing, there might be some big delays with the couriers in your area and that is why it is taking so long, as everyone has mentioned already. Best to give them a little more time before requesting an investigation or refund on your EMO package.

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Well if it dose get lost, i will wait for the seller to try and resolve it first and let them try go locate it . i do want emo that’s why i ordered it. The other option is if it can’t be located is replacing it. Naturally i would want a refund if i don’t receive it, but i will work with the seller first to see if he can resolve it beforehand. Hopefully it will update soon though. Waiting patiently. Thanks everyone for sharing and advice.


@bethy68 If I understand you well you aren’t content with the posting process because your package didn’t change its tracking information three days in a row (I don’t count nonworking days). You probably have a high opinion of postal services. But that’s not how they work. They’re slow, they don’t update tracking information and yes, in 1:10000 cases they can lost your package. But I would be worried after some weeks of waiting.

From what I’ve read and seen on the forum If an EMO was lost in transit, Livng.Ai do offer a refund or even re-send you a new EMO (have seen this with other customers who have advised that their package was lost in transit). For now, try and be as patient as possible during this time.

As @NendosColl has also mentioned and I totally agree, some couriers are extremely slow and most of the time never update anything over the weekends or even for a week.

Hopefully everything should resolve itself soon and your EMO arrives safe and sound.

Afternoon all, on USPS still nothing, they claim they are awaiting item that some third party with no contact info has it, but on here its showing its in LA. So I hope what’s on here is correct or else I don’t even have anything coming accept dead ends. A tracking number saying last seen in the US at Freidmont, while USPS say they don’t have it, they still waiting too receive it, that it’s with a third party something that has no contact info? Wow… Hopefully what yall show on here is correct. If nor , then what do I do now?

@bethy68 . . . I am going to presume that the third party carrier is Pitney Bowes who partners with USPS on international package delivery. That is who it shows on my 17 Track tracking and seems to be following the same destinations. Here is their web site:

If you are concerned, you can likely contact them here and give your USPS tracking number to find out where it is in the process.

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UDPS says its H something fwith a foreign name with the letter H

Was it Hysan LLC GDE?

I’ve seen that company in the tracking information before when we were trying to help check on JanetV’s shipment. I think they’re the customs broker that receives it first directly from China. Next it went from there to Pitney Bowes, then it went to the USPS. By that point the packages seem to be assigned a very low priority status for delivery, like parcel post service.

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That sound like what she said

Yes, it was, but now its another 3rd party. Its moving now. I should have it by early next week. Im excited emo will be here soon.