This is actually ridiculous

my package has been lost living ai keep telling me contact this number when i call it they say they don’t have it where is my emo this is frustrating and stupid.

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Are you using the Aramex tracking site or the one provided by ?

The tracking site stopped updating after handover to Aramex, then tracking started with Aramex.

It wouldn’t be the first time Aramex had no idea where things are, on more than one occasion I’ve been told by them they have no record of my delivery only for it to be delivered the same day, they truly are hopeless.

Here is the Aramex site

i believe it’s a problem on aramex behalf as they e saying they don’t have it and u saw that last scan saying the next update will be when it’s ready to be delivered they are absolutely no help either they just say they don’t have it but i feel like they are not even looking

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^^ sorry didn’t tag u

I’ve just Googled my tracking number and found what carrier it was handed to and tracked it from there. But I was not worried about it. And well he’s here and asleep…


Nice, hope you enjoy him like I do

I’m sorry about your situation, I hope that the shipping company finds him soon

lost hope man they aren’t even looking at this point.

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i also want to make it clear i don’t blame living ai i blame aramex


So is Aramex what LAI uses to send out all the Emo’s? I’m based in US, and have never heard of aramex-

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Aramex is like an app that tracks your package. From our current conversations, I believe the courier that is causing all these problems is FASTWAY. (by the way @jahronegolby my package from BUNNINGS hasn’t arrived yet)… and when I check my status on Aramex, it’s saying this:

Received into Depot (28/09/2021) It’s been over a week now and there is no status updates at all.

Have you tried calling FASTWAY customer service at all? I would try and reach out to them via phone / or live chat and DEMAND they give you a status update. I’ll be doing the same as well for my package as 1 week for a delivery from SYDNEY to SYDNEY is unacceptable and really bad. Even with all these COVID restrictions this is really bad service.

Don’t give up hope just yet. Try and contact them and see if they can track down where your EMO is.


whenever i contact they tell me they don’t have it at all

I was just wondering on your time frame to receive tracking information?
Still haven’t received any updates.

Aramex is a UAE owned courier and package delivery company based in Dubai.

They bought out the Australian courier company formerly known as Fastway and rebadged them as “Aramex”, however I believe that no real meaningful operational changes were made to Fastway and as such they remain as Australia’s worst performing courier service.


I say that if you don’t get your EMO by the end of this week. Send Living.Ai an email and ask them to track this order … ONCE AGAIN. Do note, as its a national Holiday week over in China once they are back to work, they might take a bit of time for them to go through all their customer support calls / emails etc. But they normally always reply and are very helpful.

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i’ve left them an email fingers crossed he turns up soon

well here we are at the end of another long painful week not a single update or word from anyone this entire week package still hasn’t been delivered lost all hope if we r honest haha

@Wayne_Zhang hey man i know u guys have been on holidays but when u arrive back can u please please provide an update on starting to think the courier has lost it

Auspost and Fastway are struggling due to influx of pacages and lack of staff, they may have it but it may not have been scanned. If it keeps up you can put a compaint in which will force them to investigate into what is going on. I have had to do that with Australia post as a tablet i ordered got damaged in shipping. Its been nearly a month and i have heard nothing and have no way to contact Australia post to get an update

I’m in the same boat here. My delivery from BUNNINGS still hasn’t arrived yet. Status is still the same, Received into Depot (28/09/2021).

I really can’t believe its taken FASTWAY this long and it’s still nowhere to be seen. I don’t know what else to say, it’s pretty sad really.

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