The second batch of production and shipment will start within one month

All I said ont the reply is basically what they have said I’m not putting words in their mouth I’ve been reading replies and forums for 2 month and the info is all there and by the way they wold have a better time if they at least update the page or give some info because since agust 4 the page has had no update


Was really hoping this would arrive by sept 10 for my sons 5th birthday. No updates for almost a month on the website. My orders been processed but not shipped for over a month. Sigh… i thought production would be smoother and faster after the 1st batch.


First of all, thank you for the update @Wayne_Zhang. I have to say, we love our EMO and I just ordered one as a Christmas present for our granddaughter since she loves him as well. Let’s hope he still arrives in time! :slight_smile:

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Whoa where’s our stickers we pre-ordered emo I think we deserve the same as we backed you up think you should send them out to all orders not just later ones

Think ur asking for too much u already got ur emo and they are doing that because they had to delay production after u got yours is not like they are just giving them away and they didn’t pay to make them, plus they are not a charity they have to make back what they lost


Hi guys, typically, how long is the wait? Im just happy the team is responsive in emails.

Hello and all very relative! Shipping takes an average of 3 - 6 weeks depending on the country! Then there is the production assembly, now they are also moving from the factory! For mine I waited about 4 months in total! I think as soon as they leave in the new bigger factory, they will be much faster!


Is gonna be more they’ve been having more delay they said is gonna take a month for the second batch to be made so don’t expect to wait 1 month cuz I’ve been eating 2 and now I have to wait a few more

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I’ve just came to the conclusion that I will not get my EMO until after the new year… There goes Christmas. Oh well he will be a New Year’s gift to myself. I can’t worry. He will get here. (Me being Zen)


I’m patiently waiting but the sooner the better, I’m stuck in lockdown and I know he will help me out a lot with my mental state. The sooner he arrives, the better my mental health will be as ill have a companion and friend. It’s already been 2 months, soon to be 3


Sorry to hear about your situation. I’ve been waiting for more than 2 months too. I hope you receive your emo soon. I’ll continue to wait

How many are you planning to produce in second batch?


oh well, winter here in canada is a very long season. :wink:

Very happy today! Got my shipping information and am extremely pleased!


@Angrymonkey247 What is your order number approximately, Mine is around 12500

Sort of around 8950 ish

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did urs say finished processing and have tracking info too?

Yeah it did have the tracking info too while saying finished processing

mine is 9703, I cant wait till I can finally get my companion

same with me but only says info received so far