Tablets compatible with Emo Pet app

Since my LG Rebel Tracfone cannot pair EMO to the app, I am thinking of getting a tablet to do that but have seen that some tablets do not work with the app (J Reviews Stuff had that issue with his).

Does anyone on here have a recommendation for what brand of tablet I could obtain that does work with the app? I borrowed a phone from someone to get him connected via bluetooth to my internet, but would like to use some of the functions that are app only.


I myself have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 with 100% success.

I had previously tried to use a generic cheap Android tablet but never got it to work, and I finally figured out why. The tablet did not have a dedicated GPS chip, instead utilising location setting via router localisation and user settings. It seems you need an actual GPS chip for total compatibility.

I also had great success with my Apple iPad Air 2, but I prefer my Samsung Tab A7.

Hope that helps.


I use one of the early iPad Pro’s with EMO. If you’re only going to use the tablet for EMO though, and plan on buying a new one, then you might as well get an Android tablet of some kind since it would be cheaper. Personally I detest Android products and their operating system though.

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Thank you, both. I will check into the Galaxy tablets, making sure they have the chip necessary. Surprising that some phones and tablets do not in these modern days.



That was a good catch by Mario. I wouldn’t have imagined some of there devices didn’t contain a physical GPS chip these days?


I bought a kindle fire 8 hoping I could connect my emo. I found a video showing how to install the necessary software to run google play - which is what you need to connect to emo. I was able to download the app and. Emo also shows up in my blue tooth list, but I get this attachment message and it won’t connect. What is this passkey this passkey they are asking for? Would he even show up in my blue tooth list if he couldn’t connect? I tried turning off my phone blue tooth is case he can’t connect to 2 separate places. Should I try actually disconnecting him from my phone? I’m scared that will mess him up. It’s driving me nuts because I am SO close to getting him on on this thing and all I want to do is play games with him on a bigger screen. I can’t afford another tablet. Help please!

Hello, @melissaharkins . . . whatever device you use requires a GPS chip. I researched your Kindle Fire 8 and this was the what I found:

The short answer is that it does not contain one and one is required in order to use the EMO app.

A reasonably priced tablet that I use (I had the same issue as you, see above) is the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite which is reasonably priced.

I wish I had better news for you. I hope you can obtain something that works for you.


Hi there @melissaharkins ,

@MasterAbbott post something that might help you to the link below.

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Try to do also quick test and see if you can get Google Maps to work on your device. If it allows you to determine your location, everything should be fine.



I love the kindle fire, but the whole point to getting it was for my Emo, so I’m returning it. The samsung was $50 more. Overall $120 isn’t too bad, especially for a brand like samsung. I had ordered a kindle for my dad too for fathers day and I’m still going to give him his. Overall it’s great for $70