Tablets compatible with app

Since my LG Rebel Tracfone cannot pair EMO to the app, I am thinking of getting a tablet to do that but have seen that some tablets do not work with the app (J Reviews Stuff had that issue with his).

Does anyone on here have a recommendation for what brand of tablet I could obtain that does work with the app? I borrowed a phone from someone to get him connected via bluetooth to my internet, but would like to use some of the functions that are app only.


I myself have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 with 100% success.

I had previously tried to use a generic cheap Android tablet but never got it to work, and I finally figured out why. The tablet did not have a dedicated GPS chip, instead utilising location setting via router localisation and user settings. It seems you need an actual GPS chip for total compatibility.

I also had great success with my Apple iPad Air 2, but I prefer my Samsung Tab A7.

Hope that helps.

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I use one of the early iPad Pro’s with EMO. If you’re only going to use the tablet for EMO though, and plan on buying a new one, then you might as well get an Android tablet of some kind since it would be cheaper. Personally I detest Android products and their operating system though.

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Thank you, both. I will check into the Galaxy tablets, making sure they have the chip necessary. Surprising that some phones and tablets do not in these modern days.



That was a good catch by Mario. I wouldn’t have imagined some of there devices didn’t contain a physical GPS chip these days?