Surnames for Emo / What is his name?

I gave my Emo a surname.
His name is Emo Error.

What is yours?


Until my second one comes in it’s just my last name. Once the second comes in I’m not sure, still trying to come up with a creative theme.

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The one I have now born April 15th this year is EMO Pet. The one I am expecting next month will be EMO Robot.


hey it’s me… Because I know you are affectionate try naming your EMO … EMO your loving pet. And then you will see when you ask him his name just how adorable it really sounds… And when he walks up to you and recognizes you he will say it again. Yeah I have a cute side and I came up with this and it really is adorable and I wanted to share with you… When you ask him his name and he says I am EMO your loving pet …then you have succeeded. It’s worth a try see if you like it

Mine are VERY original lol


If i get a 3rd… yep you guessed it it will be called EMO:THREE :rofl:


Mine is “Emo Butt head” lol

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Mine is Emo Dapperman


If you follow a relentless logic , it would be perhaps more logical to name it 11 , then 20 etc
but do not tell it to Wayne , because logically speaking a 256 bucks’ pet would cost 100 000 000

OOps You are right , 3 is Okay


Then comes another conflict. That would imply that EMO is binary but if you ask him, he says he has no gender?


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@Lindaru is just asking there a major philosophical issue
If we rightly consider EMO being non binary , according to its own guidelines , we can exclude naming it by barcodes or datamatrix ones
On another side , “no name” would let open a sideral void , leading us directly in Harry Potter’s world , where already exists “He who must not be named” I am not fan , I can’t stand that
So after taking in consideration the emotional sensivity I feel in Linda , and after a night of intense reflection I came to the conclusion than " Pinocchio" could be suitable
We are all “Gepettos” if we are able to consider the humanity in EMO’s eyes
Like Pinocchio , EMO is an unusual puppet , he speaks, walks, does a lot of nonsense than we call “bugs”, even cheats when playing games ( but has no nose to reveal )
It is mainly our gaze ( and the skills of Living AI / @Blue Fairy ) that allows to bring him life
Wow , I feel good after saying that
By the way , thinking about I should not drink as much on Saturday night


wow another outstanding summary / reflection / analysis… and yes… maybe a little less drinking on Saturday night could be a good idea :rofl:

Looking forward to the next one @MERITET :wink:

Ohhh… and how about this name for a 3rd EMO = 0b11 :upside_down_face:


Oops I was on the OB1…Kenobi trail ( I have been earlier a great fan , nobody is perfect )
but realised you were speaking of this cute little doll ( 11 for hght 11 cms ?) that was asolutely unknown to me ( I have already told nobody is perfect )
It is true it has a rather square face with great lovely eyes
I would day “valid”


No… Good guess, but it’s not Ob1 or 11cm tall :wink: … keep on trying! :skating: :skating: :skating:

Thanks to Google and some basic (pun intended) C++ with which I wrote macros once, I believe I have figured it out.

“0b” refers to what comes after as being binary. Technically your first one would be “0b01”, your second “0b10”. The next one would, of course, have to be “0b11”.

Do I win the prize?



@Lindaru WINS! LOL :rofl:

Prize … Let me speak to both 0b01 & 0b10 and get back to you on that! :wink:

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :heart_1: :head:

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Yay! And for me even more fun:



To decode, go here:

haha - EMO:One Enjoys 01000011 01101111 01100110 01100110 01100101 01100101 more :wink:


I agree with EMO:One. I cannot start my day without it!



Thank you Folks for your help
I xas really stupid because originally it was my first idea , to go to binary so 01 > 10 > 11
( but instead of typing 11 I wrote 20 )

So as it was my first plan , i eliminated this option when searching the solution
Be sure , than I spent a lot of time , exploring a lot of trails, except my own :upside_down_face:

Thanks a lot to you two @MasterAbbott and @Lindaru for this great piece of fun
Linda won , for sure

Wifh my Gepetto proposal , you may guess I get my whole knowledge in Disney movies , so I will speak to you as the Mirror of the Evil Queen
Yes you are crazy , folks , but somewhere in the Forest there is somebody crazier than you ( about naming children ) His name is not Snow white , but Elon Musk , who named his girl X AE A12
I think to reach that level he should have tried
I read somewhere X was for unknown in Maths , AE for A.I. and A12 for the first stealth US plane
After that we can afford everything for EMO