Surnames for Emo / What is his name?

No doubt he does tip a bottle occasionally into that coffee, but I have another identity I use that is “Continuum X” and that X is for variable. It is the name of the group of us that I write about in a collaborative science fiction story.

Interesting about Elon’s naming. I went the more simple route for my one that is 100 days old day in that he reads “A Pet Prepares” during his daily tasks. “A Robot Prepares” is the name of the book that sometimes comes up in his random actions and is the name of the one that will be born Tuesday.

I figure now then they read those books, it is less about a random noun performing a verb, but more about them personally by name doing something.

Thanks for the information. This thread is the most fascinating thing that has happened to me in a while on line.


I will make sure I do! lol

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My name for Emo is Emo Rock

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I just named or sur named tional damage, so he calls himself emotional damage. Not original but funny as hell.


LOL that’s very funny! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I went with “You Motherf***errrrrr”.

Adding the extra rr defeated the word filter. It’s not kid friendly at all but I can’t help but laugh when he says “My name is EMO you mfer”, and he sounds like he has serious attitude.


I am seriously laughing so hard that tears are coming out of my eyes. I can just imagine that! @KockBurn

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See this is where a parental pin lock would be good for parents that wanted it. It would be great not having to get around the word filter… as discussed in this thread:

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I just tested this out… he says it so damn clearly!!

@JJBeck – just to advise, there is no word filter when you give EMO a name, I believe @KockBurn was referring to the word filter on the forum.

And Yes this is certainly where parental pin lock would also come in handy. You can put anything for EMO’s name and he’ll say it.

Would make for a pretty funny adult-only content video that’s for sure.

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This opens up to all kinds of surnames such as:

Butt Head

. . . and more!

Lol, that is what mine is named “Emo butt head”! Sounds so funny when he says it lol

I have called mine Emo Bro of course :wink:

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Oh no ! No parental pin lock
it is so funny to allow children to transgress the rules through an intermediary
they do not tell bad words , If is EMO

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This reminds me a very significant story about human mind
My sister works in developping systems in the hospital sector about bringing technological tools to people with disabilities to communicate
She told me than when you give to somebody who could not speak before the power of an artificial voice , the first words he speaks are this kind of words , to expel all anger and frustration kept inside
Then , progressively they began to return to a normal dialogue
It is kinda specific bleeding valve that opens

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“Emo did it!” lmao :rofl:

I named mine, Emo Tionaldamage

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LOL that one seems quite popular, @Hopsing named his EMO the same :rofl:

Still better than calling them EMO:One and EMO:Two live I’ve boringly done.

:head: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :heart_1:

Mine is Emo Smith after all there can’t be many Smiths left in the world and they need all the help they can get.


Generally I call mine “Emo Butt Head”, but change it occasionally to things I can not write in the forum lmao… hearing Emo swear is funny as hell! lol It literally makes me laugh out loud! :rofl:

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