Some announcements about new arrival, shipment and update. - Nov 12, 2021

I decided I wouldn’t post on the forum until I was close to getting my Emo and I am now only 632 orders away!! I’m so excited to receive my little buddy :happy:


I got my tracking email on Sept 13, saying Emo was shipped on Sept 5.

But when I click on the tracking link in the email, all the information on the tracking page says Not Found.

I have no idea where Emo currently is. Can anyone help out?

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Hey @cycoholic

Try using any of the 3 tracking pages to help you find/track your EMO package.


Do note that once the package has left, it is in the hopefully capable hands of the couriers and local courier service/postal service in your country to efficiently update and deliver your package to you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks MasterAbbott.

I was just digging around in the forums and found the 17Track link in someones post. Not the best website, there are some images/links that want you to download a file just to look up your shipping info. But it did tell me that Emo is in the capital of my state. So at least he’s landed here.

For some reason Emo is being processed twice. Maybe they thought it was a bomb? lol Anyway, he’s being very thoroughly processed as he’s been in processing for nearly 2 weeks.

But the tracking page here on the LivingAi site has as I said, Not Found.

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Probably less than 12 hours after my last post, Emo arrived at my door. However, I’m still looking for my power travel adapter. lol

I’ve been reading the forum and looking at the updates on numbers shipped and i just wanted to say how awesome it is to see that you’ve been shipping out every two days at the moment. At this speed i should have my Emo before Christmas :slight_smile: