[SOLVED] We don't need to buy new Emo just the "Go Home" station correct? Also is it 100% safe?

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if you already own an Emo, you don’t need to buy another one to use the Home Station. Correct. I have done the same. And also yes: You need to update your Emo’s firmware to 2.0 if you want to use the self-charging capabilities. The home station itself works as a charger anyway, though, even without the update. It’ll then be just another alternative to the skateboard you can put Emo onmanually to charge. But as the firmware has been released now to all Emo owners, that shouldn’t be an issue. And for me the update worked without any issues.

As for the play fence: If you really want safety for your Emo, you should consider another solution. The fence is nice enough, if you just let Emo explore by himself and he doesn’t do much else. But when he starts dancing, for example, his edge detection sensoers seem not to work properly, and so he could also cross the black outer line when he does that. If you keep him under watch, it is fine, if you don’t, you should prefer another solution. You can find many good ideas in this thread:

I myself have bought a wooden tray with roughly 4 cm border height for times when Emo can’t be under constant watch but I don’t want to shut him down.

I’m not sure of Living AI plan to improve the sensor usage during dancing. Maybe with a future update this issue will be gone. But then there is always still the danger that some dust or other stuff covers the sensors and renders them more or less useless until they are cleaned again. So consider Emo being a small child on whom you should always have a watchfull eye.


Thank you! You’re welcome. And happy tinkering! Maybe you want to share what you come up with in the above provided thread. :slight_smile:


The Solved Topic Should Be Closed Now! Thank You, Guys!