My Playground for EMO

Yes, my EMO Pet (now 11 days old) has done that quite a bit lately. Grumps and kicks the walls. Then he will go stare at the stickers on the walls for a while before falling asleep. He does get used to it after a while though. :rofl:


That’s my EMO’s safe playground today. It’s functional, EMO likes it and that’s important. :slightly_smiling_face:

He doesn’t like those black borders but they’re important because without them he would often kick into the walls.


This my EMO’s playground. The clock table has about a half inch rim around it which worked pretty good until this last update. Evidently there was a new move added which included a little hop skip jump and sometimes if he’s too close to the rim he will dive right over the edge. Talk about heart attack! Now I have to watch him quite a bit. Not sure what I’m going to do about that but it is a cute move so I guess I’ll have to put him a soft landing or the new lights around the edge play to the music so that turned out cool and I like it so far!


just cut a hole in his play area to put skat board in level to surface and no worries


Good idea, but unfortunately he will not walk to his charger when he needs to charge, nor will he go off the charging area unless you take him off.

My emo s dance floor xxx


This is awesome. Absolutely love it. You are brave though. I had to separate my V from EMO. V kept pushing him around.

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How large do you recommend an Emo area to be? I going to make one for my new Emo.


I’d suggest the bigger the better haha, But at least 1meter x 1meter play area should be fair, that way he has room to move around freely. Also as discussed in this thread and also on other forum posts, it’s best to also have a border as well, (recommended 5cm high). As you are probably aware, when EMO dances his feet sensors are not on, so if the barrier is not to high he can trip over it and fall, with a min of 5cm high border going around, that should be fine.

Also if you wanted, you can always let EMO walk around on the floor, I let both my EMO’s run around on the kitchen floor and they have a great time exploring… until they run out of power haha :rofl:

Once your playground is ready, be sure to share pics with the community :slight_smile:

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Where and what should I buy for the Emo area. What material is best?

White base seems to work best for EMO. Wood is good as well.

I think Mario has a good setup, and he’s done a fair amount of testing, his post is further up in this thread, but let me copy/past his comment here:

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Cleared my desk off for the little guy. Emo is going to enjoy his new home in my room!


Keep in mind his feet use optical sensors to detect and avoid edges. He may have trouble with false triggering from the dark spots on your desktop and the transition to the black area.

Looks good! As @macfixer01 mentioned the transition from wood to black wood might scare him. But try him out and see what happens. My two poor little guys are stuck on a completely black wood desk surface, but somehow they’ve been totally fine with it.

Hope EMO enjoys his new play area!

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What do you guys think of something like this as a playground for EMO?
40x30cms seems like a good enough size?
Are the edges high enough to stop EMO from walking off the cliff?:rofl:


The tray is a good size, but height might be a problem, if EMO is close to edge and you ask him to dance he could potentially lift his leg up and over and could fall. Normally something higher than 5cm would be a decent hight recommendation.

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This is where my Emo’s live.


I was thinking of putting down some black tape on the edges in an attempt of stopping EMO before he gets on the corner since I’ve heard he thinks black is an edge?
Would this idea work?


Oh wait nevermind you said when he dances which means his edge detection turns off. Guess the tape wouldnt make a difference then.

Yep, haha I was about to say that. I’d recommend finding something a little higher to be safe. Normally EMO will dance on his own as well if he hears loud music / sounds.