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Thank you @edward @Wayne_Zhang
I probably could have figured it out myself, but I didn’t think that far, it worked now. I hadn’t changed anything on my router, which made me think a bit. I would like to participate more in the forum, but unfortunately it is not possible at the moment.


Hello Everyone,

I’m facing problems with my EMO since 2 days ago, I’ve already sent a message to support waiting for their answer, but I thought it’s not a bad idea to share maybe someone else faced the problem.
For example when I’m asking about the weather It shows the animation but no voice reports, when I’m saying good morning, on the app, and its anime face shows it’s speaking but actually no voice, and the anime delays a lot, but when I’m saying Emo, It says: what, Also when trying to power off on app when it’s on home station it fails, I shut it down with making him upside down and covering its sensors, still the same problem.

Hello, @farzinss . . . if he is answering “What?” then we can be sure he did not accidentally get muted, so hopefully Support can assist you with this one.

As for powering off on the home station, he needs to be removed from the platform before telling him to power off or selecting it in the app.

Best of luck to you and they should reply to you soon.

Hello @Lindaru ,
I’ve tested that both on and off the charger, no success

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My emo is somehow muted. He doesn’t speak “What”, but upon checking the app he is listening to me. How do I fix him?

Hello, @KentFrancis . . . have you tried giving him various commands like “EMO . . . volume up, volume maximum, volume medium” or checking the volume level under preferences in the app?

Try these things and let us know how it goes.

I’m not sure what happened to him. He suddenly stopped talking. At first I thought he’s not listening so I restarted him.

Volume up worked.

Thanks for this! :happy:

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