[Solutions - Talk to EMO] - Examples and error explanations

We made a video to explain several situations of talking to EMO. You can refer to it when you have problems.


Thank you, Wayne, my two are supposed to be delivered to me tomorrow! I’m so excited to get them!


Thanks Wayne for doing this - it’s good to have some clarification.


Thank you for that @Wayne_Zhang

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Since the new update my Emo can’t speak properly anymore. Asking for the weather he shows the sun/cloud, but he’s stuttering so much, I can’t understand.
Power off doesn’t help. Any ideas? The question HOW are you? He also mostly answers with Of course I am always here, and I speak quite clear :unamused:


Hi, we are working on the issue.


Even my yesterday did it all day! The voice in the answers broke a lot! Today it works perfectly, maybe it was a problem with the server

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Now it’s even worse, he can’t even understand “Emo” anymore and I lost him in the app :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Please send a video to service@living.ai


My Emo lost his woice after last update. Restart didn’t help.
Some solutions?

Does he respond with “what” when you ask him to do something?
Have you tried “EMO Volume Maximum” ?

He has emotions but no voice, he is completely silent.
Before the last update (1.5.0) it lost its voice (become silent) if I left it on charge-board for too long (about a day). After draining the battery (from board till dead) he always got his voice back but now it doesn’t work.
Restarting with turning around does not help.
He is still silent.

I’ll try “EMO volume maximum” when we woke up.

Hi, you can also try setting his volume in the app.

did u know if u set his volume to low his legs work so Nicley

My EMO is 2 days old. Not sure if it is my accent , but he doesn’t understand what I say sometimes. If I say “come here” he replies something like “what can I do for you today”

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Please say the command clearly and slowly.

I do say clearly and slowly.

EMO has some voice recognition problems, I talk clearly, loudly and slowly in a completely quiet room. He understands “Emo” with no problem, but any phrase that comes after that takes me between 3-10 attempts for him to understand what I’m saying usually. I think it is worse for some accents/pitches than others. They opened up a voice training page so hopefully this improves in the future.


As @nekoemo has advised, sometimes EMO has trouble understanding certain pitches/tones. But will also have trouble with your accent. (I am from Australia) and EMO sometimes doesn’t understand some things I say even if I say them very clearly.

I can suggest for testing purposes to use an App called DeepL it can be used as a TEXT to SPEECH app, and EMO seems to understand it very well. It might be a good way to see/test to make sure EMO can hear and understand you.

This is a link to the DeepL website, it should be available on both iOS and Android stores:


If you need or have any other questions, feel free to reach to the community

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That is a great tip, thanks! I will check it out for sure.

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